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Relevant to many different occupations, this sector focuses on the areas that keep businesses running efficiently and profitably and keep staff and customers happy. Millions of people work in this sector, and your Apprenticeship could lead to a role in a number of different areas within an organisation.

Around 20,000 apprentices
start a Business Apprenticeship every year
97% of employers
say that effective administration is essential to their business, so they do a crucial job
These Apprenticeships use employer led, up to date, flexible qualifications
which meet the changing skills needs of employers

Business Apprenticeships

Customer Service Practitioner
Level 2 Apprenticeship
Customer Service Practitioners are hugely influential in the delivery of a good customer experience and their satisfaction with an organisation.
Level 3 Apprenticeship
Business administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors. This includes small and large businesses alike; from the public sector, private sector and charitable sector.
Team Leader / Supervisor
Level 3 Apprenticeship
A team leader/supervisor is a first line management role, with operational/project responsibilities or responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome.
Operations / Departmental Manager
Level 5 Apprenticeship
An Operations / Departmental Manager is someone who manages teams and/or projects, achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisations strategy. They are accountable to a more senior manager or business owner.