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Healthcare Services

Dental, Optical and Healthcare

By completing a Healthcare Services Apprenticeship, you’ll be joining one of the most respected professions in the country and providing a service that's in great demand. The Healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and Training 2000 is the place to help you start your career. There are lots of different career paths you can take and you’re guaranteed to be in high demand.

Healthcare Apprenticeships

Optical Assistant
Level 2 Apprenticeship
An Optical Assistant requires many skills to be able to work within the Optical retail Industry. They are often the people that spend the most time interacting with customers. Therefore strong communication, listening skills and a passion for working with others to deliver excellent service and products that are both clinically and cosmetically correct, are skills, knowledge and behaviours that need to be demonstrated at all times.
Dental Nursing
Level 3 Apprenticeship
The Dental Nurse role complements the role of other dental professionals. One of the primary roles is to provide chair side support to dental professionals and deliver a high level of patient care.
Adult Nursing Support
Level 3 Apprenticeship
Senior adult nursing support workers look after adults in a range of settings, duties will vary accordingly.
Allied Health Profession - Therapy Support
Level 3 Apprenticeship
Allied Health Profession (AHP) - therapy support workers work with individuals in a range of settings, your clinical and therapeutic duties will vary accordingly.
Children and Young People
Level 3 Apprenticeship
Children and young people senior healthcare support workers look after neonates, babies, infants, children and young people in a range of settings; your duties will vary accordingly.
Maternity Support (Midwifery)
Level 3 Apprenticeship
Maternity Support Workers assist midwives to look after pregnant women, mothers and newborn babies in a range of settings.
Mental Health Support
Level 3 Apprenticeship
Mental Health Support Workers support individuals with mental ill health. You work as part of a multi-disciplinary team offering a range of mental health services.
Theatre Support
Level 3 Apprenticeship
Theatre Support Workers look after people before, during and after operations. In most instances your supervisor will be a registered theatre nurse or an operating department practitioner.