What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship?

June 17, 2015

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So, what are the benefits of an Apprenticeship? When you’re deciding what to do with your life, you need to know the facts, especially if you’re choosing between an Apprenticeship or college.


Take a look at our list of the top benefits of an Apprenticeship below;


Kiss goodbye to the classroom!

Apprenticeships are based on the job, so you can gain industry skills and contacts whilst you are on your Apprenticeship. Get qualified and get experienced.



Hello, wage.

Start earning that money now. No one is pretending that an Apprenticeship wage is mega bucks at the beginning, but receiving a wage has to be one of the main benefits of an Apprenticeship. Even better, it has been shown that apprentices earn an average £100,000 more than other employees over their lifetimes.



The sky’s the limit

Study up to degree level…and beyond, if you like. Rather than being a route for those who haven’t made the grades, Apprenticeships are a direct route into some of the most highly skilled careers available.



Learn debt-free

Bye bye loans. One benefit of an Apprenticeship is that you won’t rack up thousands of pounds worth of debt in tuition fees to get your qualification. In fact Apprenticeships are funded and for those under 24, completely free.



Why wait?

Get a head start. Think you have to wait until you’ve finished college or uni to start that “dream job”? Nope.



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