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Mechanical Engineer Apprentice

  • Employer: Disab UK Ltd
  • Location: Heywood
  • Vacancy Ref: 00001161
  • Weekly wage: £256.00
  • Hours per week: 40
  • Sector: Engineering

This vacancy is for a Mechanical Engineer Apprentice based in Heywood.

Mechanical Technicians ensure that plant and equipment perform to the required standard to facilitate production targets regarding Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost within High Value Manufacturing environments.

We are looking to recruit an Apprentice as soon as possible to join our team.

The training for this role will be delivered in Blackburn on block release so please do bear this in–mind when you apply.

CVs will be reviewed early September and Interview will be held in Mid September.

Since 1976, DISAB has been the leader in the development and manufacture of vacuum systems for industry. With innovative solutions, we help our customers with suction, transportation, digging and to recycle loose material with help of our vacuum loaders, vacuum units or customized industrial vacuum systems. You will find our base in Vallentuna and Eslv, but our products are all over the world.

Private and stable ownership has given us opportunities to develop in the direction we want. With innovativeness and engineering knowledge, we have made sure to be at the forefront and can today offer the markets most comprehensive solutions in vacuum technology for various industries and industries all over the world. We often customize a solution based on your needs, because as we see it, unique challenges require their unique solutions.

Dirty workplaces and facilities cost. Equipment breaks down and requires service more often. Downtime hinders production and delays deliveries. We use our experience, together with yours, to constantly develop and improve our vacuum systems. Therefore, we can offer the latest technology, always with service, maintenance and ongoing educations as an obvious part. For machines that facilitates everyday working sessions and improves the work environment and that lasts, year after year.

Dust and dirt in the work environment implies risk for health problems, fire and explosions. Nothing is more important than safety in a workplace.
Therefore, we at DISAB always offer guidance regarding safety issues that may occur in an industrial environment and recommend the best suited solutions for a safe and clean work environment.

  • Working area preparation including workshop, facility and construction site–based to carry out maintenance activities on construction–based equipment.
  • Identify, handle and store required resources, tools and equipment necessary to maintain construction–based equipment, reporting shortages/incomplete stock as appropriate
  • Configure, set, rig and prepare the plant or equipment safely and efficiently for the accessing, handling and removal of typical components, including the use of securing, jacking and lifting aids for supporting, securing and handling purposes.
  • Disconnect, detach and/or remove a wide range of components and ancillary equipment Safely and efficiently from construction–based equipment, including using lifting, securing and handling aids.
  • Dismantle worn, damaged or faulty parts, components and equipment
  • Overhaul, repair, renovate or repair worn, damaged or faulty parts, components and equipment
  • Replace and reinstate worn, damaged or faulty construction equipment parts

Training to be provided

  • L2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing (Foundation Competence).

  • L3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Competencies) Mechatronics Maintenance Technician.

  • L3 Diploma or Extended Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Knowledge).

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