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Lift and Escalator Electromechanic Apprenticeship

Level: 3
Duration: Up to 3 years

Lifts are large mechanical and hydraulic devices used for moving people and goods vertically from one level to another in a building and similar situations. Escalators are mechanical, inclined moving stairways to transport people from one level to another, using moving steps. Moving walks are similar to escalators but instead of steps they use pallets that run horizontal or on an incline.
Lift, Escalator and Moving Walk Electromechanics work in varying environments including domestic, retail and industrial buildings above and below ground. They carry out the installation or maintenance, repair and modernisation of lifts and escalators dependent upon the chosen specialism. They ensure that the lift or escalator performs within established parameters in line with the applicable codes and standards, historical and current, required by the UK Lift Regulations and/ or the EU Machinery Directive. They ensure the lift or escalator is safe for use and free from defects. The skills employed when conducting the work are of a complex nature and draw upon knowledge and experience of a wide range of equipment, mainly comprising mechanical traction or hydraulic systems of varying complexity operating at low, medium and high speeds, controlled by a microprocessor or analogue control technology.

Entry requirements:

A minimum of four GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above including English, Maths, Science and Technology is desirable.
Other equivalent qualifications are acceptable.

Where will I study:


Method of delivery

Year 1 – full time at Training 2000
OR x6 four week blocks and 1 day per week to complete the Technical Certificate (if required)

Year 2 – 1 day per week to complete the Technical Certificate (if required) / assessment in your workplace

Year 3 – assessment in your workplace

Job example

Lift Installation Electromechanic, Lift Service and Repair Electromechanic, Escalator and Moving Walk Installation Electromechanic, Escalator and Moving Walk Service and Repair Electromechanic

Date last updated:07 September 2021

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