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Friday 30 October 2020

An Instructor’s First Hand Experience

Scaffolding Instructor Tom talks about his return to the Training 2000 site during the Coronavirus pandemic. As the training of Scaffolding learners continues, he penned this letter:

Coronavirus has been a challenging time for us all. You could have been continuing to work as key workers or been working from home whilst trying to school two or three children as well as complete your own workload. There are also many workers who have been furloughed, some who have struggled with their mental wellbeing and remaining active.

Companies are doing their best and many scaffolding companies have continued to work with a reduced workforce. Some Scaffolding Apprentices have been furloughed and have suffered with their on site training and have had to have their in centre courses rearranged. All scheduled training is essential and is designed to achieve the most effective outcome for the learner.

Scaffolding training providers have had to meet strict criteria required by CISRS. This allows training centres to reopen with training to commence with new safety measures in place.

Here at Training 2000 we have seen many of our Apprentices return with a hunger to achieve. The also want to excel in the tasks they are doing. Additional safety measures have been included for the trades who would be working on their scaffolds in the real world environment. Learners have also been requesting additional theory work to help them get ahead. These Apprentices are the future of scaffolding and to see this commitment can only lead to good times for the industry.

This 3 Lift External Access Tower was completed by a group of apprentices on their course working safely and is an accurate representation of the design provided.

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