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Learner Profile: Jess

Jess began a Business Administration Apprenticeship after deciding that college wasn’t for her.

After finishing school, Jess attended college for one year before quickly realising that she didn’t want to stay in a classroom environment. Jess began lacking the motivation to complete her college work and started to look for alternative ways to gain a Level 3 qualification. Jess became interested in Apprenticeships once learning that they are an industry-led, and discovered that she could earn money whilst gaining a qualification.

Jess knew a member of staff at Training 2000 who helped her to secure an Apprenticeship in the training provider’s Business Development team.

Jess says that ‘When I first started my Apprenticeship, I lacked confidence in speaking with external customers. My managers were really supportive and worked with me to build my confidence.

I was pushed out of my comfort zone and as a result, I now feel confident when speaking to external customers and have made lots of new relationships. This is just one skill that I have learnt during my Apprenticeship’.

Jess - Business Admin

"I would recommend an Apprenticeship to anyone, you will come out of it with experience, employability skills and potentially secure yourself a full-time job role at the end. "

Jess, Junior Account Manager

Since completing her Business Administration Apprenticeship, Jess has secured a Junior Account Manager position at Training 2000.

Jess’ Line Manager, Vicky says: ‘Jess is a completely different person now in comparison to when she first joined us. Jess was low in confidence, she was very shy and was terrified to make an external phone call. Jess has worked incredibly hard to overcome this and is now in regular contact with multiple employers every day, on the phone and even face to face. It is great to see just how much Jess has developed both personally and professionally and I am excited for her future.

Jess has created process efficiencies as part of her role thanks to the support of her apprenticeship and takes ownership of several quite challenging projects and tasks which don’t phase her in the slightest. Jess is an asset to Training 2000, she is a huge part of the team and we would be lost without her.’

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