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Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Centre (AMAC)

The Advanced Manufacturing & Automation Centre (AMAC) is a pioneering, technologically advanced centre at the forefront of both the manufacturing and engineering industries.

A dynamic team of experts deliver accredited and bespoke training courses which are designed to develop and grow specialist skills which are directly applicable within the workplace, utilising the latest in equipment and technology.

Our modern centre is ready for commercial use with an experienced team able to assist wherever required.

The AMAC provides an environment to support the region’s manufacturing base with the opportunity to outsource capacity constraints.

The centre provides a safe pre-production environment to support new product introduction and development work.

Whether upskilling your current workforce or enhancing an Apprenticeship, by training with the AMAC, employees will grow their skills and knowledge which will set both them and their employer apart from the competition. You will be at the very forefront of manufacturing and engineering production and technology.

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Commercial use of the AMAC

Our facilities are available for businesses who may need to outsource some production due to capacity constraints, or simply want to utilise equipment and draw on the skills and knowledge of industry experts. Below you'll find the equipment and services available.

The AMAC provides a safe, secure environment for the prototyping of new products and other developmental work. High-level technologies across the centre combined with an industry-focused, in-house team allow companies to carry out research confident that they are utilising industry leading equipment.

The DMU 75 mono BLOCK is at the cutting edge of manufacturing machinery. It offers five-axis simultaneous machining with the best features you will find on any manufacturing shop floor. 

  • X travel 750mm
  • Y travel 650mm
  • Z travel 560mm
  • Max A travel +/- 120 degrees
  • Max C travel +/- 360 degrees
  • Table diameter 650mm
  • HSK A 63 spindle adaptor
  • Siemens 840D control with Celos

Use of the DMG 75: £400.00 per day

Machine Operator: £30.00 per hour (min half day)

Engineer: £30.00 per hour (min half day)

The ecoTURN 510 offers a flexible and highly productive CNC turning solution.

  • 12” Chuck
  • C-axis, driven Tools
  • Y-axis travel +/-60mm
  • Siemens 840D control

Use of the EcoTURN 510: £400.00 per day

Machine Operator: £30.00 per hour (min half day)

Engineer: £30.00 per hour (min half day)

This effective machine drives productivity with modern, user-focused operation which helps operators exploit its full power and potential.

  • Spindle speed range: 8000 rpm


  • X-Axis Movement: 500 mm
  • Y-Axis Movement: 450 mm
  • Z-Axis Movement: 400 mm
  • B-Axis Movement: 115
  • C-Axis Movement: 360
  • SK40 spindle adaptor
  • Siemens 840D control

Use of the DMG EcoMILL 50: £350.00 per day

Machine Operator: £30.00 per hour (min half day)

Engineer: £30.00 per hour (min half day)

Use of the metrology facility: £POA

Machine Operator: £30.00 per hour (min half day)

Engineer: £30.00 per hour (min half day)

We have many rooms available for you to use, whether you need a boardroom style setting or classroom

Training 2000 Boardroom: £90.00 per ½ day or £120.00 per full day

Room in the AMAC facility: £105.00 per ½ day or £160.00 per full day

At Training 2000 we have an onsite restaurant who can cater for your needs.

Coffee/Tea and Pastries: £2.00 per head

Refreshments (Water/Orange Juice): £0.70 per head

Buffet (Basic): £3.50 per head

Buffet (Premium): £6.50 per head

(Our buffets can be tailored to your needs)


Find out more about our engineering training

As well as our advanced manufacturing centre, we have multiple engineering workshops offering Apprenticeships at all levels and training. 

See what we have to offer