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Sub-contracting statement

Training 2000 Ltd are committed to delivering high quality Apprenticeships that meet the requirements and needs of Apprentices, employers and wider market.

Whilst we will use sub-contractors from time to time, we shall do so in line with this statement and EFSA guidance, and at all times putting the learners needs first and ensuring they have receive the same level of safeguarding, student financial and learning support as any other Training 2000 learner. In most circumstances all delivery of the Apprenticeship will be carried out by Training 2000 Ltd, but on some occasions, in agreement with the employer we will work with a third party:

  1. Expert sector knowledge
  2. Enhancing progression opportunities
  3. Better geographical access for learning
  4. Offer entry points for disadvantaged groups?

Subcontracting will also be used to enhance progression opportunities for Apprentices in the development of our progression pathways to higher level and degree apprenticeships with our parent company UCLan. This will ensure that niche provision is developed to a high quality, which will enable better access to people into higher education.

Training 2000 will only use subcontractors as delivery partners who are on the Education & Skills Funding Agency Register of Approved Training Providers and have been assessed as being at least GOOD at their most recent OFSTED inspection and who meet the requirements of our due diligence process. (New organisations who have yet to be inspected by OFSTED will be considered however quality assurance will have proven that they are not demonstrably inadequate to deliver their contractual obligations as agreed within the subcontractors agreement.)

Training 2000 will only agree to use specifically named Subcontractors nominated by Employers to the extent that they meet the Quality Assurance criteria above AND provide bespoke or first-class training required to enhance the learner’s experience.

In all instances Training 2000 retain clear and transparent accountability for the quality of training provision, maintain proper and appropriate quality assurance controls to manage the apprentice experience; and seek to ensure that value for money is achieved by efficient subcontractor management. These controls are externally audited annually by an independent assurance auditor. The use of sub-contractors is reviewed quarterly by the Governance and Audit Committee to ensure such use falls in line with T2000 strategic aims and objectives to deliver learning excellent and creating outstanding talent for the UK as well as guidance set by funding organisations. 

Overview of Fees and Charges


The cost of any subcontracted delivery will be determined through negotiation between Training 2000, the employer and subcontractor prior to commencement of any learning delivery.

The fees charged/paid will reflect and be dependent on the level of service or support re­quired by the subcontractor. For example, whether the subcontractor is providing the whole of or part of a service/product will determine the charge for services provided ad the methodology for this will be based on the Education Skills Funding Agency / Institute for Apprenticeships funding mechanisms using guided learning hours if applicable to calculate aspects of the total negotiated price for an apprenticeship.

Charges for Additional Services Provided by Training 2000

Each supplier will be supported by Training 2000 through regular and substantial quality assurance mechanisms, which will include visits throughout the year, face to face interviews with staff and apprentices, teaching, learning and assessment observation, work scrutiny depending on the type of subcontracted provision. However, if a supplier falls below the required standard of delivery and therefore, requires additional support, Training 2000 reserves the right to invoice any reasonable additional costs incurred in agreement with the subcontractor.

Payments to Suppliers by Training 2000

TRAINING 2000 pay suppliers by bank transfer and payment will normally be in accordance with the terms of the subcontract funding schedule. This will normally be within 30 days of receiving a valid claim for payment which has met the data standards required.

Payment is subject to the receipt of timely claims and supporting evidence of service delivery.

Where funding claims cannot be substantiated, Training 2000 may defer payment until the sup­porting evidence is provided or reclaim monies already paid.