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Learner Profile: Sumiya

Sumiya started her Apprenticeship in 2016, after completing a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social care.

She initially decided to complete a Business Apprenticeship as one of her friends had suggested it to her. Once she was aware of the pathway however, the availability of progression was a deal maker when it came to deciding her educational future.

This led her to successfully apply for a position at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT). Throughout her employment here, Sumiya has benefited from her Apprenticeship qualifications as they have helped her to gain a promotion within the first 12 months of being there!

When discussing her placement, Sumiya said that ‘continuing my apprenticeship and gaining further qualifications, will mean even more opportunities at ELHT in a business support role. By combining experience and education, I am looking to work towards my goal of becoming a Business Manager within the Trust’.

When asked is she would recommend the Apprenticeship scheme to other, it was an adamant yes. She said that it is an excellent alternative to college and university, because you are earning as well as gaining the same qualification in the end.