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Learner Profile: Nathanael

Nathanael finished his GCSEs and came to Training 2000 to complete an Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship in 2011.

He comes from a family of engineers and has had an understanding and passion for the sector from a young age.

Nathanael is currently working within a Project Engineering role at Harrisons Engineering group using his newly acquired skills and pushing on to learn more and more. He says his Apprenticeship opened his eyes to new occupations.

"My Apprenticeship has made me want to strive my way to the top of my profession. Everyday is a learning day and the Apprenticeship scheme taught me that from the very beginning."


As well as completing his Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship, Nathanael also completed a Fabrication and Welding Apprenticeship in 2015. This has helped to open doors and aided in his progression with his company.