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Learner Profile: Mohammed

Engineering apprentice Mohammed has had an excellent start to his career thanks to employer Chubb Systems and his Apprenticeship with Training 2000.

Mohammed chose an Apprenticeship with Chubb Systems because it gave him the option to try out different engineering roles within the business before deciding which one was best suited to him. This gave him a wide range of experience and knowledge. He is currently learning how to code so that he’s able to create web based databases. He has future aspirations to learn the C# (C Sharp) programming language.

An Apprenticeship has been the perfect start to Mohammed’s career and he’s recently been asked if he’d like to study for a Degree Apprenticeship, which he is very pleased about.

"Mohammed has been a great advert for employing an apprentice. He is unfailingly enthusiastic and keen to learn. On a recent task one of his responsibilities was to liaise with various Field Service Engineers to complete aspects of the very technical job he had been assigned. One of these Engineers later called up on an unrelated matter and during the conversation asked who Mohammed was, because he had found him to be ‘switched on and helpful’. The Service Engineer was amazed to hear he had been dealing with a year 3 apprentice. Mohammed is bright, mature and keen to progress and is willing to work hard to get where he wants to be. He volunteers for tasks, takes pride in his work and will make a competent future Junior Engineer. Mohammed has a bright future ahead of him and we are all working together on getting him to where we all want him to be."

Mohammed’s Manager, Barton, at Chubb Systems

Mohammed would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship to other people. He says “Not only do you get valuable practical experience through the training delivered by the company you also gain academic qualifications delivered by professional training organisations.  I am fully supported by mentors at Chubb Systems and Training 2000.  A bonus is – you get paid to do it too!”