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Learner Profile: Michael

Michael first began his Accounting Apprenticeship back in November 2015 after completing his A-Levels and deciding University was not the route for him.

Training providers such as Training 2000 visited his school and this is an aspect that helped him to decide on completing an Apprenticeship. This education route was also appealing to Michael as it meant that he could remain living at home close to his family.

Throughout his Apprenticeship, Michael has gained technical knowledge that has helped him to excel within his workplace.

When asked about his plans for the future, Michael said that ‘his Apprenticeship has helped to push him into wanting to become a Chartered Accountant’.

Michael also pointed out that he would most definitely recommend Apprenticeship schemes as you are gaining similar qualifications as going to University would give you however, you are also gaining that invaluable work experience that many, if not all employers are looking for.