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Learners who are seeking a Business Administration Apprenticeship

We have a number of outstanding future apprentices available and seeking an opportunity now as a business admin apprentice.


GCSEs: English Language 6, English Literature 5, Maths 6, Combined Science 7/6, French 6.

Lives in Blackburn

None driver

Experience: Works part time in Barista No3 Espresso Bar, the role involves: receiving and accurately processing customer payments, maintaining high standards of conduct, delivering a high standard of customer service, handling customer complaints and ensuring the work place is kept clean and tidy.


GCSE’s: Business 4, Maths 4, Religious Studies 4, Combined Science 5/5, Geography 4, English Language 5, English Literature 5.

Lives in Blackpool

Can drive

Experience: Worked part time for over a year as a bar assistant at Newton Hall Holiday Club, this role involved: effectively and efficiently dealing with customer’s complaints following the company’s procedure, monitoring stock levels, handling customer’s payments and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction by providing attentive, friendly and polite service.


GCSEs: Maths 4, Chemistry 5, English Language 7, English Literature 8, Biology 6, Physics 5, Geography 6.

Lives in Clitheroe.

None driver.

Experience: Currently works part time as a waitress at Spread Eagle Pub, this role involves: delivering excellent customer service, building professional relationships with local customers, working effectively in a high-paced environment, excellent communication skills with a variety of different customer’s with different needs and dealing with customer’s complaints and queries. Whilst in this role she has undertaken a variety of different training courses to help her develop herself in her role, such as: health and safety, customer service, manual handling, social media and equality and diversity.


GCSEs: English Literature 5, English Language 4, Maths 5, Combined Science 4.

Lives in Darwen.

None driver.

Experience: Worked part time as a sales assistant for over a year at Budgens, this role involved: dealing with customer enquiries, defusing difficult situations with unhappy customers, cash handling, training new sales assistants, creating orders and invoices, ordering necessary stock, working as part of a team, taking responsibility and problem solving.


GCSEs: Business 5, Maths 5, Combined Science 5, Computer Science 4, English Language 4.

Lives in Burnley.

None driver.

Experience: Currently volunteering part time at Vanguard Community Centre, this role involves: working alongside several community groups, working with the elderly and ensuring their safety and wellbeing, communication skills with a variety of different people with different needs, ensuring the environment was safe and clean, and following instructions to ensure daily tasks are completed.


GCSEs: Maths C, English Literature C, Science C, Additional Science C, History C, Business Studies B, English Language B.

Lives in Blackburn.

None driver.

Experience: Worked part time for over a year as internet admin at YP solutions, this role involved: managing stock and prices for over 500 products, researching appropriate products and adding them to the website, adding widgets to the website and making alterations when necessary, adding and managing products on Amazon and managing adverts on Amazon.


GCSEs: Maths 5, English Literature 5, English Language 4, Science 4, Religious Education 5, History 6.

Lives in Padiham.

None driver.

Experience: Currently works part time as a waiter at Summer Palace, this role involves: taking customer’s orders accurately and effectively, cash handling, dealing with any customer complaints or queries effectively, maintaining a clean and professional look at all times and completing phone orders for takeaways.


GCSEs: English Literature 6, English Language 5, Maths 5, Biology 5, Chemistry 5, Physics 5.

Lives in Blackburn.

None driver.

Experience: Currently babysits in her free time for friends and family members, this involves: preparing meals for children, ensuring the children’s safety, settling the children at bed time and ensuring the house is kept tidy whilst she is there. Doing this she has proven she is a responsible young adult and has gained a high level of trust.


GCSE’s: Maths 4, English Language 4, English Literature 6, Combined Science 4, Ethics 7, Psychology 4.

Lives in Blackburn.

None driver.

Experience: Currently works part time as a retail assistant at Bodycare, this role involves: excellent customer service skills, cash handling, ability to keep focused under pressure and meet tight deadlines, training new retail assistants, develop working relationships with colleagues, ability to communicate confidently and effectively with a variety of different individuals with different needs, and ensuring shop is presentable and tidy at all times.