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Learner Profile: Laura

Laura started her Apprenticeship after two years of study with a sixth form college.

She applied for her job at Ghyllmount Dental Practice and then began her apprenticeship in order to learn and develop her knowledge and skills whilst she worked in a busy environment.

Through completing this apprenticeship Laura has discovered in interest in oral surgery and is planning on developing into this field. Laura states that the three most useful skills that she has learned during this process are working well under pressure, flexibility and good communication.

When asked if she would recommend Apprenticeships she said “Yes, apprenticeships are a great way of learning. Not only do you gain a qualification by completing written work and examinations, but you are able to learn skills on the go in a busy working environment, which will aid you in every day jobs of the role.”

When asked if there was anything unexpected included in her apprenticeship “I have not only completed my training to become a dental nurse but I have also completed CPR training, broadened my knowledge on patients with dementia and autism and how to make coming for appointments as relaxed and comfortable as possible for them. I have been given training on how to recognise and manage stress in the workplace.”