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Learner Profile: Kyle

Kyle began his Fabrication and Welding Apprenticeship in 2017 when the offer of a placement at Stolle Machinery EMS Group helped him to choose between A-Levels and an Apprenticeship.

Kyle’s school were championing A-Levels and College but after speaking to his uncle who had experience in Apprenticeships, he chose this route in education.

Kyle engineering

When asked what made him want to complete an Apprenticeship, Kyle said "as a result of being diagnosed with a serious autoimmune condition in 2014 that required surgery in 2016, I decided that I wanted to get away from the stress that school caused around exams and the pressure of being successful as this worsened my symptoms.”

“I decided that an Apprenticeship would work better for me, as I haven’t taken any more exams, yet I am still making a career for myself. From taking an Apprenticeship I have gained a lot of new skills, met new people, as well as earning some money to save for future investments like buying my first house.”