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Learner Profile: Joanne

Joanne aged 50 started the Dental Nursing Apprenticeship with low self-esteem and confidence.

She was showing fantastic abilities and qualities of a Dental Nurse and was enjoying her role within the practice. With good feedback on assessment and good exam results from her Dental exams and Functional Skills, Joanne’s confidence started to grow.

Joanne passed all her exams with flying colours and she started to believe in her ability to complete the qualification. She started to think about her future. Her daughter moved to Guernsey and on visiting fell in love with the Country.

"Training 2000 and Emma my assessor were very supportive and provided lots of encouragement throughout. Overall it has been a fantastic experience!"


Joanne recently informed us that on her last visit to Guernsey she had completed an interview with the local hospital for the position of a Dental Nurse with accommodation provided. She has just had the news she has been successful!

The changes in Joanne within 18 months has been amazing to see and it feels very satisfying to think that Training 2000 have been part of this positive change and impact on Joanne’s life.