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Learner Profile: Harry

Harry began his Apprenticeship when he saw a vacancy he was interested in. He was deciding between A-Levels and an Apprenticeship at the time.

A real drive to complete an Apprenticeship was the no debt aspect and still being able to study up to Degree level.

Unfortunately, Harry was made redundant due to the Covid-19 pandemic but managed to find another company willing to support in the completion of his Apprenticeship.


"I’ve learnt many things during my Apprenticeship and i’ve become a more well rounded individual, being able to problem solve better, not just at work but even in everyday life. I’ve learnt skills such as welding that I enjoy. I’ve benefited greatly from my Apprenticeship. I’d love to try and progress my learning and qualifications by doing an Inspection course enabling me to potentially become a welding inspector. That is my aim."