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Learner Profile: Mahnoor

Mahnoor secured her Engineering Apprenticeship after successfully completing Training 2000’s Apprenticeship Preparation Programme.

Before finishing high school, Mahnoor thought that she would prefer an Apprenticeship to progressing onto A-Levels, and so began attending open events before applying for Training 2000.

Mahnoor joined Training 2000’s Apprenticeship Preparation Programme (APP), which is aimed at giving 16 to 18-year-olds the opportunity to develop the skills they need to find, and succeed onto an Apprenticeship or into employment. It was a work placement arranged by Training 2000’s APP team for an external street furniture manufacturer, Woodscape, where Mahnoor impressed the team and was offered a position as an engineering apprentice.

Mahnoor believes that the Apprenticeship Preparation Programme is: ‘highly beneficial, not only does it add multiple certificates to your record of achievements, but it also helps you develop skills necessary for the world of work’.

On her Apprenticeship so far, Mahnoor says: ‘I’m learning how to use software such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks to develop technical drawings based on designs supplied by architects that the engineers on the shop floor follow to create the final product. These are often bespoke pieces which take precision and care to create. I’ve definitely never been involved in something like this before, so I’m really taking it in and satisfying my curiosity’.

Mahnoor’s Apprenticeship Preparation Tutor, Jay, said: ‘Mahnoor showed a real sense of maturity from the get go. Throughout the course her confidence grew and she was always keen to share her thoughts and opinions during any group discussions.

Her engagement and behaviour could not be faulted, mixed with her time keeping and professionalism, we knew it was a matter of time before an employer recruited her. In addition to this, her work submissions were really impressive. She consistently handed in distinction level work and was always happy to support her fellow students when needed’.


"I think both my placement and the beginning of my Apprenticeship have solidified my choice in career all the more. Engineering is a career I’m certain I’ll keep to."

Mahnoor, Woodscape

Assistant Operations Manager at Woodscape, Kerry, commented that: ‘Mahnoor is an asset to Woodscape and already a key member of the team, we have been blown away with her progress so far, she has taken on all challenges we have given her without hesitation. After her first month of her training placement with us she has started producing drawings for customer orders, this has exceeded our expectations’.

When reflecting on her Apprenticeship journey so far, Mahnoor said: ‘by the end of this Apprenticeship, I definitely want to stay in this field and progress into higher positions, furthering my horizon for opportunities whilst also still putting more achievements under my belt. My ultimate goal is to be stable and happy in a position that’s satisfying to me’.

To those considering an Apprenticeship, Mahnoor says: ‘definitely research into all avenues available to you, and make sure that you choose one most appropriate for you. But don’t worry, if you don’t end up liking it, there’ll always be someone who will help you find something else you will like no matter how long it takes! I recommend Apprenticeships fully’.

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