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Learner Profile: Luke

Luke always wanted to pursue Engineering and saw an Apprenticeship as a great way to get started after finishing school.

Luke completed Training 2000’s application form and was offered an interview at Fort Vale, which was a success. 

Luke had previously attended Training 2000’s Aspiring Engineers Club, which is aimed at giving year 10, 11 and 12 a taste of life as an apprentice. Luke says that: ‘attending the Saturday morning club gave me an insight into which avenue of engineering I wanted to pursue. I really enjoyed the machining and CAD (Computer Aided Design) sections which led me down the path of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining and now working alongside the design team in R&D (Research and Design).

On his Apprenticeship journey so far, Luke says: ‘I have always wanted to pursue engineering and the training I have received allowed me to specialise in the mechanical manufacturing sector’.

Luke - engineering

"I have learned a huge variety of skills such as: Programming and setting CNC machines, hand fitting and assembly techniques, CAD skills and also product testing and refinement."

Luke, Fort Vale

Luke’s Training Officer, Dean, commented: ‘Luke has always been professional throughout his apprenticeship journey with a desire to develop and succeed. He has a great record of high achieving having won Silver at the world skills for CNC turning, winning the 2023 Apprentice of the year, while securing a promotion to the Research and Development team after a secondment in that department.’

For a anybody considering an Apprenticeship, Luke says: ‘I would advise you get some prior experience in the industry if possible (such as Training 2000’s Aspiring Clubs) to ensure you enjoy the trade in which you are pursuing and it also will look good on your CV when applying to employers. Secondly, just show a willingness to learn and take any information or advice you receive throughout your time onboard and you will do well’.

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