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Learner Profile: Jemima

Jemima began an Accounting Apprenticeship after conducting research and deciding she wanted to pursue a career in Accountancy.

Jemima started college in September 2022 and opted to study Criminology, Psychology and Sociology at A-Level. Although Jemima found these subjects to be interesting, she soon recognised that she did not want to pursue a career in these subject areas.

Jemima has always had an interest in the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business and began researching accountancy Apprenticeships. Having asked her family about accountancy and conducted research, Jemima discovered more about what she would be doing and learning during an Apprenticeship.

By searching on Training 2000’s vacancies webpage, Jemima worked full-time in a café to keep occupied until she secured her ideal accountancy Apprenticeship, which she began in September 2023.

"Now that I am doing accountancy, it has opened my eyes to so many opportunities. I could study abroad, I could create my own business. I could join the public sector. Accountancy has such a wide range of opportunities. "

Jemima AAT

On her experience on her Apprenticeship so far, Jemima says that ‘the Apprenticeship has taught me many skills, such as people skills when talking on the phone and how to write professional emails and letters, as well as how to conduct myself in the work environment’. Her accountancy Apprenticeship also covers specific knowledge and skills and Jemima has already learnt ‘how to use accounting software packages. I have also learnt the law involved with accountancy, and how the decisions you make have an impact on the rest of your team and your work’.

‘This qualification opens so many doors for me, such as career growth, career stability, it could lead to creating your own business,’ Jemima adds.

‘I hope to progress onto level 3 and level 4 and work towards an ACCA or CIMA qualification. I am currently working at B & W Plant Hire & Sales Ltd whilst doing my apprenticeship, not only have I learned about accountancy, but I have learned about the industry that I am working in and how every industry is different. I have definitely benefited from choosing this qualification as it gives me an insight into how the world works financially’.

For those who may be considering an Apprenticeship, Jemima says: ‘I would definitely research and make sure it is what you want to do. It is an amazing opportunity to pursue an apprenticeship as you are learning whilst earning money. Whereas if you went to university, you are building a debt of approximately £9,250 per year. Overall, if you are interested in an apprenticeship, then go for it.’

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