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Learner Profile: Alfie

Alfie started on his Apprenticeship journey after meeting the Training 2000 team and his employer, A&G Precision, at a careers evening at his high school.

Alfie always had an interest in engineering and believes that the work experience he did whilst in high school at A&G Precision helped him to make the decision to pursue engineering as a career. Alfie took part in Training 2000’s Aspiring Engineers Club on Saturday mornings and found engineering to be therapeutic for him. He was also encouraged by family and family friends who have had experience within the industry.

Whilst completing his Apprenticeship at A&G Precision, Alfie was very pleased to have had the opportunity to learn many new skills and take on different responsibilities. In addition to learning how to run various milling machines, Alfie has become a First Aider and has gained his forklift licence.

On his Apprenticeship journey, Alfie says: ‘I would highly recommend an Apprenticeship to anyone who is considering it. It is an opportunity to work in a prestigious industry where you get lots of opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people. The learning will be never ending as something new will always come up so no day will ever be the same. It also opens the pathway into an industry that has lots of opportunities and options for progression so if you work hard you will achieve a lot.’ 

Alfie’s Training Officer, Dean, commented: ‘Alfie made a great apprentice as he took ownership both in company and of his own assessments to catch up to still finish on time after being hampered by Covid-19. He has communicated brilliantly in company and with me and the rest of the tutors, to always get work completed on time and to a high standard.’

Alfie - engineering

"I am extremely passionate about my work and couldn't be happier."

Alfie, A&G Precision

Human Resource Manager and Apprentice Manager at A&G Precision, Samantha, commented that: ‘Alfie has been a fantastic apprentice. He is keen and always shows good initiative. He has been very involved in his own learning since the beginning.’

Samantha added: ‘Alfie is a key member of our work force. He gets involved and can often give advice to other Engineers, he will also listen to advice given to him and use this in his work.’

On apprentices at A&G Precision, Samantha says: ‘we have been taking on apprentices at A&G since 1990 many of whom still work for us now in various roles including management roles.

We have found that apprentices are a great asset to our company as they each bring something different. They often come back from Training 2000 with some new ideas and are confident in sharing their skills as well as asking and learning from older apprentices and skilled engineers.

Training 2000 are really good at what they teach as it is all relevant to our workplace and they will support us if we need further learning for our apprentices in specific areas.’

When reflecting on his Apprenticeship, Alfie said: ‘I have now completed my apprenticeship and I am delighted to be a qualified engineer. I am looking forward to the future to see all the opportunities that I will get at A&G and I am excited to see myself progress.

The Apprenticeship in general has made me feel proud of myself to have achieved a qualification like this at my age. I also managed to achieve an overall Distinction in my Level 3 FE (Further Education) work as I managed to get a distinction in all 8 individual subjects - this is another achievement I am extremely proud of.’

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