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Online start date information

Welcome to Training 2000

On this page you'll find more information about what we need you to do before your mandatory online start date.

Online start date

Once we have confirmed that you are starting your Apprenticeship, we will send you an email with the date and time of your online start date. 

You must attend this session as it will provide you with a full induction into Training 2000 and your Apprenticeship, as well as a specific learning session which will be the start of your qualification. The session will be on Microsoft Teams.

To get the most from this experience, you will require access to a PC or a Laptop. If you are struggling with access to this equipment, discuss this with either your employer or with us at Training 2000. A mobile phone is not suitable for this session.

Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Included in your email will be your Office 365 login details. 

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign in and enter the details from your email.

In Office 365, you will have access to applications you can use during your Apprenticeship. You will use Teams to join your online start date and any future online lessons, and Outlook to access your Training 2000 emails.

Important action!

As soon as you receive your start date email, log into your Office 365 account and check your Training 2000 emails.

You should have received two invites for Microsoft Teams meetings:

1. The first one will be to join an online meeting with a Training 2000 representative. This will be to confirm you can gain access to your Office 365 and OneFile accounts. We will also check that you have access to a PC or Laptop for your start date.

2. The second one will be for the mandatory online start date.

In the meeting invites, click on the tick to accept the meeting. You can then join the meeting from your Teams calendar. 

For those who have not used Teams please see this useful guide


OneFile is an online portfolio that you will use throughout your Apprenticeship. As part of the online start date, there will be some tasks to complete on OneFile.

Before your meeting with the Training 2000 representative, check that you can log into your OneFile account:

  • In your Training 2000 email, you will have received an email from OneFile with a link to set your password. Click on the link and follow the instructions. Your OneFile username is your Training 2000 email address.

Before your start date, please look over the OneFile Learner Induction Guide so that you are familiar with the OneFile interface and how you can navigate tasks.

If you have any issues with your Office 365 or OneFile accounts, please email the data co-ordinator team.

Your online start date is a mandatory part of your programme and will give you the opportunity to not only meet with a Training 2000 representative but also to meet other apprentices, who will be starting their learning at the same time as you.

Not attending your online induction could result in the delay of the start of your Apprenticeship and potentially lose the funding attached to it. If you cannot attend, please email the data co-ordinator team as a matter of urgency.

We hope that you enjoy this session and look forward to welcoming you to your Apprenticeship with Training 2000.