Site Safety Guidance

Notice of changes to our site safety arrangements from 31st August 2021.

Following the relaxation of covid management arrangements in the last couple of weeks we would like to update you on our approach in September.

We want to ensure staff & learners remain safe on site while following government guidance

We still require Learners and Staff cooperation in promptly reporting covid symptoms or staying away from site when not feeling well and getting PCR tested to ensure we maintain as covid secure as possible

There are no major changes planned over the next 3 -4 weeks.

From 31st August


  • Do NOT attend site if you have any covid symptoms before setting off to attend work but phone in to let us know – you will need a negative PCR test before coming to site letting us know beforehand.
  • (A negative lateral flow is not sufficient for someone with symptoms)
  • Do NOT attend site if someone you live with has symptoms or is awaiting a PCR test result, ring in and let us know(A negative lateral flow is not sufficient for someone with symptoms
  • Do NOT attend site if you or someone you live with has had a positive lateral flow test result – wait for the PCR test result and let us know before attending site
  • If you have been “pinged” by the track and trace app do not attend site, phone us and you must isolate for the time the track and trace system indicates
  • If you are tested positive you are not able to come to site until your 10 day isolation is complete and you are free from symptoms


When attending site please sign in at one of the three points on site.

By signing in you are declaring you are free from Covid symptoms.

  • Security: sign in here if you are working in Hutchinson, Cowburn or Greenwood.
  • Westwell: sign in here if you are working in Westwell or Hargreaves centre workshop.
  • Reception: Exam candidates and Hargreaves office staff only.


Isolation Rules

Government Isolation rules at the time of this update remain the same. If you have no symptoms don’t need to isolate if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive as long as you are fully vaccinated or under18.

If you are over 18 and 4 months and have not yet been fully vaccinated you must still isolate if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.


Face Masks / Face coverings on site

  • No change on site – Masks must be worn in all communal areas, walkways, corridors, and restaurant.
  • Masks are optional while in your learning area (classroom or workshop area)
  • No one is regarded as mask exempt – Anyone who considers themselves exempt must let their tutor know – they will be required to wear a visor in communal areas.
  • Mandatory wearing of face coverings in communal areas will be reviewed on 23/09/21 and you will be updated accordingly.


Restaurant Operation from 17th August

  • The restaurant returned to normal operation in August.
  • A timetable has been issued to tutors who will continue to manage their classes as to when they can access the restaurant– This is to minimise queueing. Do not go to the restaurant at any other time.
  • Masks MUST be worn while buying food and only removed once sat at a table.
  • Restaurant serving times are restricted:
    08:45 to 10:00 am for breakfast and 11:40 to 1:00 pm for lunch


Leaving site

Leaving site is allowed at lunchtimes to visit such places as local supermarkets / local fast food places but remember learners MUST be back in class in good time for the start of your next session.


Class sizes

Class sizes may return to pre Covid levels from 1st September.


Smoking Arrangements on site

Smoking and use of vapes will remain restricted to the designated smoking areas in the car parks – We would ask that everyone uses these areas.

Please do not use the areas immediately outside entrances / exits for smoking / vaping


Public Transport to & from site

Anyone travelling to site using public transport are advised to follow government advice and wear a mask


Minibuses/ Pool cars

We are increasing passenger numbers in our minibuses from 31st August All passengers and the driver must wear masks.

Similarly for anyone travelling in company pool cars we are restricting use to 2 passengers sat in the rear seats wearing masks – the driver is also required to wear a mask.

Whenever safe to do so company vehicles should be ventilated by opening windows.


Social Distancing and “bubbles”

  • “Bubbles” are no longer in place and there will be an increase in class sizes in September. We are asking everyone to maintain social distancing across site wherever possible.


Risk Assessment

  • The COVID risk assessments have been amended to reflect the changes we are making and are published alongside this update.
  • Tutors will brief their learner groups on the changes with a toolbox talk and will repeat this regularly and with every new group of learners.
  • SAFETY ON SITE IS OUR PRIORITY and we will be closely monitoring the effects of these changes which are now closely aligned to government guidance. We will amend our Risk assessment immediately if required and communicate accordingly.


The next formal review of our arrangements will be on September 23rd when we will issue further communication as to any further relaxation of our Covid management arrangements



Classroom risk assessment

Workshop risk assessment

Office risk assessment

Isolation risk assessment

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