Site Safety Guidance

Last updated: 24th May 2021

4th May 2021: Everyone at Training 2000 would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our learners and their employers for your continued cooperation and support in following our Covid-19 safety measures and guidance when visiting our site. We are thankful this has in turn resulted in no Covid outbreaks on site this year to date.

We know this has not been easy and has at times been challenging, but the result speaks for itself.

We would like to remind all learners that when visiting the Training 2000 site, you must wear your face masks correctly and keep following social distancing as this ensures we are keeping you and your tutors safe.

With Covid infection rates falling and the Government beginning to relax measures across the country, we wanted to update all learners and employers on our Covid-19 management and safety measures in place onsite.

Our priority throughout the pandemic has always been to keep staff & learners who are on site as safe as possible.

Since the relaxation of measures in April, we have started to see local infection rates in Blackburn begin to rise.

The next set of Government changes are in a couple of weeks’ time and this is when all hospitality will be allowed to fully reopen. This may cause infection rates to spike once again.

As a result of this, we have thought about our onsite safety measures and decided to stick with our current approach throughout May. We will review the measures in place over the coming weeks.

As we are hopefully near the end of this pandemic, we are asking you to please continue with the great work you have done so far in preventing a Covid outbreak on our site.

If you are visiting the Training 2000 site remember to:

  • Report for a temperature check every morning and sign in
    • Remember that by signing in you are confirming you are not suffering from any symptoms of Covid-19
  • Do not come to the site if you are suffering from any Covid symptoms but please ring in and let us know
  • Wear a mask or face covering in all buildings across the site at all times in all areas
  • Access the restaurant when invited to by the facilities / HSE team
    • takeaway service will remain in place
  • Not leave the site once signed in until the end of the day
  • Stay socially distanced wherever possible

The Government review in June may deliver the news we have all been waiting for but our approach will still be to look at the local situation and make our onsite decisions based on that information.


10th March 2021: Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, we are planning a phased reopening of the Training 2000 site. In the first instance this will be for:

  • Exams
  • End Point Assessments
  • Vulnerable learners
  • Those requiring practical training or in need of face-to-face delivery
  • Commercial training

As you can appreciate we have a backlog of learning, assessment and exams that needs to take place. The team will be working on a new plan to ensure this is completed in a timely manner with limited impact on both the learner and employer. We value your patience while this work takes place.

We are confident in our approach and have implemented a number of necessary measures to safeguard our employers, learners and staff.

Please feel free to look at our Covid-19 Site Risk Assessment.

Safeguarding measures onsite at Training 2000:

  • Everyone who attends the Training 2000 site are required to have a temperature check prior to entering and hands are sanitised
  • The wearing of face masks is mandatory unless a medical condition prohibits this
  • Where possible we are encouraging everybody to keep 2m apart aligning with the Governments recommendations
  • Everybody onsite follows the guidance and safe rules in place
  • Face-to-face meetings are prohibited
  • People need to stay within their designated bubble
  • All support staff to work from home
  • Staff only to attend site for the minimum duration that is required
  • Minimise contact with others – where possible no longer than 15 minutes
  • Wash or sanitise hands regular
  • If anyone has symptoms of Covid-19 or feels unwell they must stay home
  • Any person failing to adhere to site rules may be asked to leave site

One of our team will be in contact soon if you fall into the phased category as listed above to discuss when you will be returning to site.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has adhered to the rules so far. If you do not feel comfortable or have any concerns with the Covid-19 safe rules we have put in place, please inform one of the Training 2000 team.

The safety of employers, learners and staff is paramount; any breaches of our procedures will be taken very seriously.

Thank you once again for your continued support.


23rd February 2021: Following the Prime Minister’s briefing we are planning a phased reopening of the Training 2000 site. In the first instance this will be for:

  • Exams
  • EPA
  • Vulnerable learners
  • Those requiring practical training or in need of face-to-face delivery
  • Commercial training

We will provide further updates and communications once we have finalised these plans, which we hope to do this in the coming weeks.

In addition to this, we want to provide you with some reassurance that the safety of our employers, learners and staff continues to be our primary concern within this planning process.


4th January: Following the Government announcement of a full national lockdown on 4th January 2021 at 8pm, Training 2000 will close temporarily but with immediate effect. We will continue to follow Government guidance and update you as and when further details are announced including when it may be possible to safely reopen.

Training 2000 are committed to helping and supporting our learners with online/remote learning to ensure learners remain on track with their apprenticeship. Tutors will be in contact with learners to explain how they will continue to support them through remote learning. Learners should let tutors know immediately if they do not have access to the internet at home.

Tutors will:

  • Explain how they will communicate with you remotely during the temporary closure, for instance, using email, Onefile, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams or phone
  • Tell you how to access your lessons and resources while you are not in centre
  • Set work for each session/module you would attend if you were in centre
  • Assess/mark your work and provide feedback and plans/actions
  • Offer learner support through our Learner Support Officers for welfare and advice at this time
  • Work with employers to keep them informed of learner progression and take any questions you may have

Learners should:

  • Use your Training 2000 email and check it daily
  • Read the Training 2000 help-sheets to support you with the set-up of remote learning
  • Make sure you can access Microsoft Office 365 at home through a browser such as Chrome
  • Download the Microsoft Teams App on your mobile phone
  • Check that you can log in to Onefile (if relevant) and access your qualification
  • Regularly log in to Onefile or Teams to access your lesson instructions and resources
  • Access lesson materials and submit work through OneFile & Microsoft Teams
  • Complete distance learning work packs (if relevant)
  • Make sure you submit work for assessment as required by your tutors and most importantly ask for help if you are struggling with your work

If you do have any problems, please contact your tutor. Our Learner Support Officers are also available to speak to any learners who may need additional guidance and support.

Finally, we are asking both learners and employers to continue to support and record the mandatory 20% off-the-job training.

We thank you for your patience, understanding and your ongoing support.


Learner, Employer and Staff Update: Updated 24th May 2021

We felt it important to update you following Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s briefing in Parliament on Wednesday 30th December and the subsequent move to Tier 4 for Lancashire. We can confirm that the measures we have in place continue to go beyond the current Government guidance for Tier 4 areas and therefore, we will be opening as scheduled from Monday 4th January.

You may be aware that Colleges are staggering their start dates. This is to give them more time for to rollout rapid testing and as yet, we have not been asked to participate in this scheme.

If the situation changes and impacts on our intentions in any way, we will of course update you immediately.

Thank you as ever for your ongoing support.


ALL Staff / Learners Guidance

You Must Read Before Attending Your First Day Back on Site

Please view our recent site risk assessment

This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology.

If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email [email protected]


We have established that the procedures we have in place on site continue to be above the current guidance; however, can we ask that you continue to strictly observe these site rules – it is more important than ever that you do so.

Those who are considered Extremely Clinically Vulnerable should be working or learning from home. If you fall into any of the below categories please contact your Trainer/Assessor or your line manager  if staff of Training 2000:

  • solid organ transplant recipients
  • people with specific cancers:
    • people with cancer who are undergoing active chemotherapy
    • people with lung cancer who are undergoing radical radiotherapy
    • people with cancers of the blood or bone marrow such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma who are at any stage of treatment
    • people having immunotherapy or other continuing antibody treatments for cancer
    • people having other targeted cancer treatments that can affect the immune system, such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors
  • people who have had bone marrow or stem cell transplants in the last 6 months or who are still taking immunosuppression drugs
  • people with severe respiratory conditions including all cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • people with rare diseases that significantly increase the risk of infections (such as severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), homozygous sickle cell)
  • people on immunosuppression therapies sufficient to significantly increase risk of infection adults with Down’s syndrome
  • adults on dialysis or with chronic kidney disease (Stage 5)
  • women who are pregnant with significant heart disease, congenital or acquired
  • other people who have also been classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, based on clinical judgement and an assessment of their needs. GPs and hospital clinicians have been provided with guidance to support these decision
  • There is now have evidence to suggest that those with chronic kidney disease (stage 5) and those undergoing dialysis, as well as adults with Down’s Syndrome, are at higher risk from COVID-19 than the general population and therefore the Chief Medical Officer has advised they follow the new guidance for the clinically extremely vulnerable. We have asked the NHS to begin the process of identifying and contacting all those affected, providing them with the latest advice.


Site Rules – Please Take Note

We plan our timetable each week with our number one priority being the safety of our employees and learners and minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission on site.

We are confident our measures are currently working as effectively as in 2020 and are flexible enough to allow us to make further changes to our management of COVID onsite as government guidelines relax covid measures.

The senior team continue to work closely with our operational areas, health and safety, facilities and HR to ensure activity on site is as safe as possible

Although we will closely following the educational guidance issued by the government we have decided that we will not relax our measures as far as the guidance allows us to unless it feels right to do so in relation to our business.

As a result and for the time being, we are retaining the stricter measures we have used so far to ensure that all people on site remain as safe as possible.

We are maintaining the use of masks and face coverings within site buildings at all times as mandatory

Class sizes will not be at full capacity and will vary only if we can accommodate social distancing – Typically class sizes will be half of pre-covid levels or less.

A considered approach to our continued use of Microsoft teams for teaching delivery will support our onsite delivery allowing us to ensure we are operating as safely as possible while ensuring the learners get the class time they need.

Temperature checks have been carried out daily, these will continue when people sign in

We do not believe that one measure alone can mitigate the risk but feel that all measures together will continue to support a safe environment for staff and learners.

Control measures will continue to be reviewed and adapted as we continue to progress through this Pandemic and we will continue operate in line or above Government advice as it changes.

We will not hesitate to tighten control measures the observations of our onsite activity identifies a need to do so.

Everyone on site must play their part in ensuring site safety by remaining vigilant, observing social distancing, reminding others about social distancing and all other measures in place.

We appreciate that as you all carry out your activity on site (staff or learner), you may need to adapt some of the previous “normal” to new ways of working in line with the measures.

We are working to 1m+ guidance in some areas on site however wherever it is still possible to maintain 2 metre social distancing we require everyone to comply with this.

Entry to the site remains by appointment or approval until further notice.

Do not attend site unless you have received confirmation that your course is running

The site continues to be cleaned regularly by our contracted cleaning company, who we have asked to increase the frequency of cleaning throughout each day with particular emphasis on toilets/ touch points such as handles / rails / taps etc.


When you first come back on site you will see the site has been set up to promote and manage social distancing. You will have seen similar measures in place in Supermarkets / DIY stores / Shops.

There is different signage across site to help inform and guide you – Please ensure you comply with the guidance at all times.

The examples below are just a few of what you will see:

         An example of site safety signageAn example of site safety signage













Tutors will be expected to enforce measures with their class.

Social distancing / washing hands / No spitting / Catch it kill it bin it / Sanitising hands if you can’t wash, are key objectives in our management of COVID 19 – Please ensure you comply with all instructions either through signage or via your manager / tutor.

Prior to arrival at site

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 do not travel to site – ring in and let us know in the usual way.

We have put in place some relatively strict measures in regards to movements on site and social distancing. These measures will only be in place whilst we are working through this pandemic and are in place to ensure safety of everyone on site.

Please read below the following measures which you must adhere to:

  1. Travelling to Site

Employees and Learners must make every effort to travel to site by either their own vehicle, walking or by bike. If being dropped off by car share the driver MUST be a member of your household. If your ONLY option to get to site is through the use of public transport and to ensure the maximum safety of those on site we ask that you comply with government guidance and  travel on such transport while wearing a face mask / face covering.

  1. Parking & Movement

On arrival at site for the first time report to the area outside the security office (signage is in place where you will be greeted by a member of the Facilities team who will advise you where to park.

We will try to ensure your parking space will be close to the building you will be working / learning in although this may not always be possible.

Each day whilst on site, we will be minimising the amount of contact and therefore, you will only be able to access and enter the building in which you will be working or learning.

We are not permitting ANY unauthorised movement around site to ensure that different groups do not come into contact with each other.

  1. Refreshments and Lunch

The restaurant is open for takeaway meals – do not go to the restaurant until invited to do so – Each class is invited across there separately by onsite staff – Meals are taken back to class or a designated breakout space

Employees and learners not wishing to use the restaurant must bring a packed lunch and drinks for the day and designated break out spaces will be provided.

Tutors will be responsible for ensuring that social distancing is maintained.

Water will be available from water machines but please bring a water bottle as these will not be provided. Please note that we are still minimising the amount of contact and movement on site.

Mainly because of the high covid rate in the local area No one is allowed off site during the working day. NOTE: The use of ALL local outlets which might be open for buying lunch remains prohibited.

  1. Smoking on Site

During Covid-19 we will continue to relaxing the Smoke Free site and restrict movement on site. We are not permitting exit of site to smoke and therefore, will be providing a designated smoking area for each group which will be on site and close to the building in which you are located. Within the designated smoking area, we are permitting persons to smoke / vape as long as social distancing is maintained.

  1. Face Masks and PPE

The use of Face Masks / face coverings continues to be mandatory for staff and learners throughout the buildings until further notice at all times (except for when eating lunch / break time or when outside and only when socially distanced) and is to ensure safety of all.

We are asking anyone who has their own face covering / face mask to bring their own however a stock of surgical masks is available and available daily free of charge from the sign in stations.

  1. Cleaning

Floorbrite our cleaning contractor clean the main areas of site at the end of each day and in addition regular cleaning of toilet facilities takes place during the day. All employees / Learners on site will be required to regularly sanitise / disinfect the equipment and/or areas in which they are working in to support the clean site environment.

  1. Hand Washing / Sanitising

Regular handwashing remains the best way in which to reduce the risk of Covid-19. To support this, hand sanitiser stations are present in all areas. Learners and employees will be required to use this regularly and on entry to the building. Additionally, we are asking that hand sanitation or hand washing is completed regularly and that tutors take breaks at appropriate points throughout the day for themselves and learners to wash/sanitise their hands.

  1. Toilets

The use of toilets continues to be restricted to one person at a time within the toilet areas.

  1. Staff Break Facilities

The use of the local staff break time facilities with kettle / microwave etc. will be available however we will be minimising use of these rooms to numbers which can accommodate 2m+ or  If social distancing cannot be achieved its one person at a time within the area.

We are also asking that everyone use hand sanitiser or wash their hands prior to using any of these facilities and wipe down with disinfectant the areas used after use.

  1. Entry to Site

You will be provided with a time in which to access site. We continue to operate an electronic signed “declaration of health” each day on our iPad or your own phones using a QR code link to sign in

Staff, learner’s visitors and contractors MUST SIGN IN BEFORE entry to site is granted.

On signing in your temperature will be checked with an Infra-red thermometer

For those arriving on site for the first time please see below the access to site instructions later in this guide. We hope to not have to refuse entry onto site for any employee or learner however we do reserve the right to refuse entry onto site.


Refusal of entry or expulsion from site will be imposed for:

    • Refusing to sign in or have your temperature taken
    • A high temperature reading
    • Unsatisfactory health declarations
    • Employees or Learners not adhering to measures in place
    • If you report feeling unwell with symptoms of covid  during the day you will be asked to leave site and go for a covid test returning only if its negative otherwise start isolation as advised by track and trace

    GDPR and Data Protection

For those who are permitted entry to site, we will be collating and storing employee and learner health declarations in a secure place for those who are refused entry to site, we will be collating and storing health declarations electronically. We will store this information for no longer than is necessary. We will store this information for up to 12 weeks from the date of entry or refusal of entry after which time, this information will be destroyed.


Instructions for Entry to Site

Arrival at site (First Day and every day) – If you have one please don’t forget to bring your badge – it’s possibly been several weeks / months since you were last on site and it’s easily done!

Instructions for Arrival – Please be advised that we may be staggering start times therefore, please do not arrive more than 5 minutes to your allotted time. This is to reduce queues onto site and ensure that our facilities team are able to manage the numbers entering site safely.

    1. You are encouraged to bring your own face mask / face covering which you must wear at all times in class or the workshop, outside you MUST keep social distance. If you don’t have your own you will be issued with two surgical masks each day.Whilst wearing masks you must still ensure that social distancing is maintained – the masks are used to help reduce the risk further even when social distancing
      1. Go and park up in the following areas:

      All Centre workshop Engineering – Hargreaves Carpark Automotive

      Cowburn area Carpark – AMAC / PLC / Dental / Business Greenwood Car Park

      Scaffolding – Carpark outside scaffolding centre – Hutchinson Building

      Learners taking Exams –car park at the side of main reception

      Fire & security / fitting – Carpark outside the area – Hutchinson building

      2 Important- ON arrival DO NOT go into any building – Report to the check in point

      1. There are two check in points on site

      You must visit the point as detailed below:-

      If you are working / learning is taking place in the Hutchinson / Cowburn or Greenwood Building you must report to the security office at the side of Hutchinson building. Staff will direct you from there

      If you are working / learning is taking place in the Hargreaves or Westwell buildings and arriving before 0830am  you must report to the entrance door at the Westwell building Staff will direct you from there

      Anyone arriving after 0830 must sign in at security

      If you are taking an exam you must report to the security office at the side of Hutchinson building

      1. There may be a queue

      Please join it and ensure you are socially distanced

      1. Your temperature

      When you sign in we will also take your temperature using an infrared thermometer gun

      1. at your designated check in point

      Staff will ask you to sign in on an iPad (use sanitiser before use which will be provided) or alternatively a QR code system is available to sign in using your mobile phone – Then show your phone with the sign in confirmation screen visible to a member of staff at the sign in point to confirm sign in

    1. Follow this process every day

    You are required to sign in using the iPad or QR code every day you visit site and have your temperature taken

NOTE other arrangements: .

  • The access gate at the side of Westwell from the Harwood St Carpark will remain locked at all times.
  • You must stay in the building you are learning in – there should be no requirement to move to another building unless it is for teaching purposes and this has been pre-approved
  • Follow social distancing of at least 1m+ mask at all times.
  • While learners are in class, tutors must ensure all are practising and maintaining social distancing and challenge learners if they see breaches of this.
  • Break areas will be defined and all must maintain social distancing
  • Staff Kitchen areas may be used on a 1 in 1 out basis to make a hot drink use the microwave or retrieve items from the fridge.
  • Tutors MUST remain vigilant and enforce these measures at all times with their learners, this to ensure social distancing and wearing of masks is maintained
  • Some one way systems are in operation in several areas of site – Please ensure you follow these where they are in place.
  • In regards PPE – In addition to masks you will be required to wear the normal PPE for the activity you are doing.
  • If you are seen to be breaking any site arrangements particularly in relation to social distancing and use of face coverings / masks you will be challenged and if your behaviour persists this may result in warnings with the possibility of being asked to leave site.

Need more help finding the right opportunity?

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