Health & Safety Policy Statement

The Health and Safety of all Training 2000 Employees and Learners is of prime importance to the wellbeing of the Company.


  • It is my aim to make the Company a safe place in which to learn and work. I believe that we can achieve this by agreeing standards both for individuals and the Company as a whole by the allocation of adequate resources and by encouraging effort and commitment to this end.
  • Substantial and continual improvement of the management system is demonstrated through compliance to BSOHSAS18001 and will be further improved in 2021 with our compliance to the new international H&S standard ISO45001.
  • I make it clear to managers, leaders and all employees, including our learners that the priority given to Health and Safety performance is such that it is always included when setting our Strategic Objectives and sits well within all our Core Values.
  • My objective is a strong commitment to Health and Safety. The company’s main objective is the provision of safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of any injury or ill health caused by our activities. I will ensure continual improvement in the management and performance of Occupational Health and Safety, minimising the possibility of any liability. We shall maintain safe systems of work, including safe plant, equipment and methods of working both on and off our premises.
  • I recognise that in order to maintain a strong, healthy business the Company will do all it practicably can to improve and assist the health of its staff through provision of  wellbeing support for staff.
  • I  fully accept our responsibility for learners and for other persons who may be affected by our activities.
  • The Company is committed to ensure that learners are entitled to learning that takes place in a safe, healthy and supportive environment. We also consider that safe learning and working are essential to maximise their experience and achievement. Our policy is to adopt a ‘best practice’ approach with regard to hazards utilising the HSE hierarchy of control in reducing occupational risks to as low a level as practicable .


The company will:

  • Fully meet and wherever possible exceed all relevant legal requirements and any other requirements to which we subscribe and meet our ‘duty of care’ to staff and learners, including responsibilities for Child Protection, Safeguarding and Prevent duty.
  • Seek assurance that we have suitable and sufficient arrangements for learner health and safety.
  • Take appropriate action where expected standards are not met or maintained.
  • Promote the raising of standards for learner health and safety through support, and challenge, as appropriate.
  • Continue to ensure for as long as is necessary and as far as is reasonably practicable our response to the COVID19 pandemic protecting everyone’s health and wellbeing while learning or carrying out their role on site


Responsibility for Health and Safety rests with everyone including our employers, sub-contractors, employees, learners and clients. We must all co-operate with each other to enable all statutory duties are complied with. The company is strongly committed to providing employees, learners and any interested parties with systems, processes and meetings which allow open consultation, participation and communication on health and safety matters. The successful implementation of our policies requires total commitment from all levels. Health and Safety is an integral part of all functions and activities. All employees and learners receive appropriate training to achieve a high level of awareness, motivation and knowledge. Elements that are identified as safety critical are routinely revalidated to ensure that competency is maintained. Employees and learners are informed of any hazards to health or safety which may be inherent in the workplace.


This policy statement, the Company Health and Safety infrastructure and its subsequent arrangements, which are detailed within our electronic Health and Safety management system, shall be reviewed regularly to ensure that it reflects changing needs and circumstances and is kept up-to-date. Its effectiveness shall be monitored and acted upon by leaders in the workplace and by the HSE representatives at Company level.


Chris Stott

Chief Executive Officer – Training 2000

Date: 04/11/2020

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