Sam – Military Preparation Programme

Sam started with Training 2000 on the Military Preparation Course after completed year 11 at Hargher Clough PRU where he had been referred due to behavioural problems from his mainstream school.

Sam left school with no official qualifications so his main aim of the programme was to firstly complete qualifications in English and Maths as well as gain a BTEC Diploma ion Public Services.

Sam was initially assessed and commenced Level 1 English and Maths and passed both by the end of the programme.  He also gained his Level 1 BTEC Diploma in Public Services.

Sam’s behavioural issues centred around a constant feeling of frustration and anger at school often resulting in him being asked to leave classes and him walking out of class.  Sam’s attendance and punctuality started to suffer because of this, however, upon joining the programme Sam found an outlet for his frustrations and learned how to deal with his anger through interventions from his Engagement Adviser and Learner Support Officers.

These are all issues that Sam needed to address before he could have a successful application to the Army as a junior entry. He has successfully passed his first term at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate from where he will progress to the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick.


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