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AOM133 Bonding and Mechanical Fastening

Cost: £720 + VAT
Duration: 2 days

Bonding and Mechanical Fastenings Following Research Repair Methods

This unique module covers the replacement of a panel section which is secured by adhesive / bonding and mechanical fastenings. It has been developed so that technicians can prove their capability in following researched repair methods, to carry out modern joining techniques and meet the criteria relating to BS10125.

The module also assesses technicians’ ability to follow a researched repair method to remove existing bonded and mechanically fixed panels, apply blind rivets, self-piercing rivets, flow form rivets and use structural adhesives in conjunction with a reinforcement plate.


A number of key industry organisations have been involved in the development of AOM 133. These include: EMTEC, ITAS, Training 2000 Ltd and Thatcham to ensure that the standalone assessed outcome module is fit for purpose; effectively raising standards in the use of adhesives and mechanical fastenings during manufacture and repair procedures.

AOM 133 relates to a range of sectors which makes it a flexible option for businesses, these sectors include:

  • Light Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Caravan and Motorhome
  • Vehicle Body Building
  • Motorsport
  • Motorcycle Panel Repair


Where will I study:

Training 2000’s Automotive Centre, Blackburn, Lancashire

Who is this for

AOM133 is intended for technicians whose job role involves the repair of vehicle bodies. Technicians looking to undertake this standalone module should be working in the industry with a recommended two years’ experience. This is to ensure individuals are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to repair & replace body components, such as vehicle body panels and their associated parts.

Date last updated:25 February 2021