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3D Wheel Alignment and Interpretation of Data – IMI Accreditation (AOM012)

Cost: £295 + VAT
Duration: 1 day

AOM012 is intended for technicians and industry professionals who require the knowledge of alignment data and systems. This will include ensuring that the vehicle is initially set up to the correct specifications and then using industry recognised wheel alignment equipment from Hoffmann Megaline record the readings obtained from the vehicle and compare them against the vehicle manufacturer data. The candidate will be required to adjust the vehicle’s wheel alignment to the vehicle manufacturer specification.

This is a pre-requisite before completion of ADAS calibration and relates to a large range of Automotive sectors:

  • Light Vehicle Repair
  • Fast Fit Centres
  • Tyre Centres
  • Light Vehicle Inspection
  • Accident Repair
  • All sector Industry updates

The technician / candidate should be working in the Automotive industry and have at least three years’ experience to ensure they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to replace various components, including returning vehicle systems to manufacturer specification and diagnosing system faults.

Where will I study:

Training 2000’s automotive centre, Blackburn


entry requirements:

This Level 3 course (IMI Certified AOM012) is designed to give the technician an in depth knowledge of wheel alignment theory, interpretation of data, use of alignment equipment and adjustment.

On completion of the course, the candidate will be able to:

  • Describe principles of camber, caster, toe, thrust angle and the related effects these angles have on tyre wear and vehicle handling.
  • Describe principles of steering axis inclination (SAI) / included angle, setback, turning angle and maximum steer angle.
  • Give a detailed diagnosis of potential alignment related problems from equipment visuals and printouts.
  • Understand the effects of incorrect adjustment.
  • Measure and record alignment values for all wheels to determine the alignment adjustments required.
  • Carry out adjustments to return the vehicle to the correct specification.

On successful completion the candidate will receive Level 3 IMI Certification.


This module is to assess the competence of the candidate’s knowledge, skill and ability to check the vehicles four wheel alignment / geometry.

State the mechanical and geometric measured values in relation to suspension and steering systems.

Understand the effects of incorrect adjustment.

Measure and record alignment values for all wheels to determine the alignment adjustments required.

They will also be required to use the correct process and procedures to reinstate the vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications.

Candidates are required to complete a multiple choice online assessment set by the IMI.

Useful information

This course can be combined with ADAS Technologies and Calibration (AOM230). Please contact us for more details.

Date last updated:25 February 2021