Training 2000 Learners Raise UNICEF Funds

December 19, 2016

13 training 2000 learners stood in a group holding a large cheque showing they have raised £210.85 for Unicef

A group of dental and business Students have raised vital funds for UNICEF after being driven to raise money for the children of Aleppo affected by the war in Syria.

Hosting a charity bake sale, chocolate tombola raffle and a sponsored walk up Pendle Hill they raised a total of £210.85. The highlight of the charity event saw the students perform an emotional short play which highlighted the dangers faced by those living in Syria.

As well as fundraising, the event was designed to highlight how important the work of UNICEF is to those directly impacted by the conflict, and also to support the other crucial work the charity carries out across the globe.

Gail Warburton, dental business manager at Training 2000, said:

“After reading newspaper articles the students were extremely keen to do what they could to raise money towards the work UNICEF is doing, whilst also raising awareness of the dire situation faced by millions of people that have had their lives destroyed during years of conflict in Syria.

“The project has also helped this group of student to developing their communication skills and gain confidence in talking to a large group of people and organisations. I am extremely proud of what they achieved.”

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