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SG4:15 Preventing Falls in Scaffolding & Falsework – Use and Inspection of Harness

This course will help delegates to understand how to prevent falls from scaffolding and falsework.

You will understand how to use a safety harness in a correct and safe manner.

Course information

  • Cost

    Pricing available on request

  • Method of delivery

    Classroom and demonstration

  • Duration

    1/2 day

Upon completion of the course, candidates will be able to understand how to reduce the risks through fall prevention through:

  • Importance of Planning & Fall prevention
  • SG4:15 Basic Systems and method of works
  • Collective fall arrest systems
  • Personal fall arrest systems including key areas of:
  • Fall arrest Harness & Lanyards
  • Fall distance and clearance
  • Anchorage to tube & fitting scaffolds
  • Suitable anchorage points
  • Inspection and Maintenance of personal fall arrest equipment
  • Rescue and understand the fatal risk of suspension trauma

Frequently asked questions

This course is aimed at anyone who is required to use safety harnesses. It is also applicable to raise awareness of those whose role includes managing or supervising staff.

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