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Principles of Measurement and Metrology Techniques

A 1 day course covering the principles of measurement using a range of instruments commonly used in the Engineering industry.

You will learn and understand measurement techniques and Principles.

Course information

  • Cost

    £150 + VAT

  • Where will I train?

    Training 2000, Blackburn

  • Duration

    1 day

This course will cover:

  • Measurement equipment purpose and applications
  • Measurement exercises
  • Sources of data
  • Recap and summar

Once you've finished the course you'll be able to

  • Use a range of metric measuring techniques and identify the applications where they should be employed
  • Use a range of metrology instruments: Vernier Scales, Micrometers, Slip gauges, Dial test indicators
  • Profiles using a shadow graph

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There are no formal entry requirements for this course.

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