The raising of the school-leaving age and what it means to you

August 14, 2014

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The government have made some changes to how long people have to remain in education or further training. This means that pupils who finish year 11 have to continue until at least their 18th birthday, the new school-leaving age.

They call this the school-leaving age or “participation age”. But what does this mean for you?

Well what it definitely doesn’t mean is that you have to stay in school which may be a common misconception. You get three choices when you have finished your final year of secondary school.

These include;

  •  full-time education (for example at a school or college)
  •  an apprenticeship or traineeship (our speciality!)
  •  a mix of part-time education or training combined with either employment or volunteering for at least 20 hours a week.


Yet what if you don’t feel particularly ready for employment? You want a change from the idea of a classroom every day, but don’t feel prepared enough to work full time. Maybe you’ve been looking courses and thinking “what else is out there?”

You may not have any idea where you want to go next but hopefully you have some ideas of what you would like to do. For those who are a little bit unsure, we have a Study Programme course which is designed to not only boost your english and maths skills but also your employability skills, to put you on the right path to getting a job. Available in a choice of industry specialisms with opportunities for work experience, dependant on the course.

If you genuinely have no idea what you want to do in your future career, our Carousel Programme offers a taste across a wide range of our course sectors, allowing you to find what suits your skills and talents best.

When you are thinking about making choices it’s a good idea to come and talk to us about what we can offer you. You should also talk to your family and friends, teachers and tutors about the choices you have and your ideas for your future.

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