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Military Preparation Programme

The Training 2000 Military Preparation Programme draws on its history and a tradition of delivering excellence to help young men and women kick start their military careers. With a close relationships with Armed Forces recruiters we can ensure your career stays on the right path and with training from current serving soldiers from a variety of Forces you will have the opportunity to progress through an exhilarating career in the military.

With the major overhaul of Army recruiting, increasing competition for jobs in the Armed Forces and the closure of Armed Forces Careers Offices, Training 2000 offers a unique way of ‘getting ahead’ of the competition and staying in touch with Armed Forces Careers advisers. Learn from ex-servicemen and women all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to not only pass selection but to advance through your career in the Armed Forces. 98% of candidates that attend selection during or after attending the Military Preparation Programme (MPP) pass with top marks and guarantee themselves jobs in the Armed Forces.

If you are 16 to 18 check out the course details below and register your interest today as spaces are limited at our sites across Lancashire.

This year we are recruiting throughout January and September.



Military Preparation Programme

Level: 1

Duration: up to 26 weeks - Monday to Thursday

The Military Preparation Programme is for 15+ year olds and will develop your state of mind and prepare you for the rigours of military life. Whilst on the programme you will develop and improve essential skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving as well as developing your confidence and leadership skills.

The physical fitness training and battle P.T. (Physical Training) is delivered by trained instructors who have all gained considerable experience serving in the Armed Forces.

The aim of the course is to improve your chances of passing not only the selection process to the Armed Forces but passing out of phase 1 training.




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