Meet Michael, our AAT Apprentice

January 21, 2016

Black and white image of a male apprentice in a suit stood outside a Training 2000 building

We wanted to do a little spotlight on our AAT Apprentice, Michael Buckley who is carrying out an AAT Apprenticeship with Training 2000. 

My role at Training 2000

I work in the Finance department as a second year AAT Apprentice . My role includes a wide range of tasks including document processing and credit control. I’m broadening my knowledge of the finance sector every day, which means my job role directly affects my qualifications, and without my role AAT would be near enough impossible. This has allowed me to become a familiar face amongst a wide range of people around our Blackburn site.

What I love about my job

I have worked for many companies in the past, and not one of them has had an ethos like Training 2000’s. Since starting here nearly 16 months ago I have developed strong relationships with many of my colleagues, some that extend beyond the workplace. For example I class my team as a second family, and the support I have received off them to help me reach the next platform of my career path has been second to none. I started my AAT classes three months later than the rest of my class mates leaving me slightly behind schedule from the off, but with the help of my team the hurdle was made significantly smaller. I firmly believe that an individual’s work ethic can be strongly influenced by the people you are surrounded by, and mine is stronger than it has ever been.

My ambition is…

My ambition in the long run is to be the next Debbie Hale! A Financial Director of a business that has a positive image, and is appreciated by its surrounding communities.

My claim to fame…

I won a pair of Gary Neville’s boots that he played in the Euro’s with when I was 8… and then gave them to my dad because I’m a City fan!

If I were stranded on a desert island I’d take the following 3 things…

  • AAT books – If I get rescued I don’t want to be behind in my classes
  • A football
  • A mirror to alert passing ship’s – And also if someone comes to get me, my hair’s got to look good!


Don’t think there’s much chance of survival!

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