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Who are we?

Established in April 2016, Training 2000’s Cyber Security Centre has developed into a key hub for Lancashire businesses and the wider North West region, supporting organisations across every industry sector.

Local SMEs and large corporations are all susceptible to cyber-attack, with unique vulnerabilities often found in each organisation.

Whether a structural weakness within digital systems or weak procedures where employees may be the route in for a cyber breach, there is a real need to get on the front foot and protect against the criminals that operate online.

Training 2000 Cyber Security can offer you:

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber Security Apprenticeship

Cyber Essentials Certification

Why is cyber security so important?

In spite of being aware of the risks, many businesses are not protected against the wide range of techniques that cyber criminals have to steal to data and damage their hard-earned profits.

By not addressing the threat, companies are leaving themselves massively exposed – essentially leaving themselves vulnerable online in much the same way as leaving offices unlocked and sensitive data accessible in the real world.

We will work with you to identify your company’s exposure to risk and help you to build an all-encompassing cyber security strategy which protects you from both the technical threats and the human risks that can lead to a security breach.

“A damaging cyber breach can effectively shut a business down – by destroying customer confidence and causing significant financial loss.”


What our clients say about us?

Matthew Collinge at Dugdale Nutrition

Training 2000’s Cyber Security team have provided both a friendly and professional service. Most importantly they have been able to work with me to adapt Cyber Security guidelines to the way that our business operates.

They have offered practical and impractical advice and helped at every step along the way. I look forward to working with the team well in to the future to continue to ensure that we are doing everything we can to stay secure and prevent financial  loss from any security breaches.

Mark Chung Director, Lancashire Marketing Solutions Ltd.

Training 2000 and their expert security consultants helped me through the process of Cyber Essentials certification. Having this means my business is doing everything it can to protect my client’s data. I would strongly recommend any size of business, contact Training 2000 today before they fall victim to a cyber attack.

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Of cyber attacks could be prevented if simple controls are in place.

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