Cyber Latest: Airlines look to invest in cyber security

August 10, 2016

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A recent report has found that an increasing number of airlines are planning to invest in cyber security.

The 2016 Airline IT Trends survey highlighted that 9 per cent of airlines are looking to invest in staying cyber secure over the next three years, with more that 60% saying that combating cyber-crime has board level buy in, and is not solely  left to IT teams.

Airlines are increasingly investing more into ‘passenger first’ programmes such as loyalty schemes, leaving them with even more sensitive data to protect.

Sarah Green, Training 2000 business manager for cyber security said:

“Customers trust businesses to manage their data in the correct ways and the financial & reputational damage caused by a leak can be severe.

“By maintaining good cyber hygiene across an organisation, the risks of a successful attack drop considerably, and when led from board level this drives it as a key business need.”

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