Mariam- Carousel Study Programme

Busy messy desk with stacks of paperwork. Looks like a teacher is marking tests

Eighteen-year-old Mariam, from Blackburn, has entered the world of work after succesfully completing a study programme with Training 2000.

Combining practical work experience and qualifications, the carousel study programme is a personalised learning programme that encourages the development of interpersonal and educational skills in order to improve career prospects.

Mariam completed a work placement through Training 2000 at a Junior School, where she is now employed as a trainee teaching assistant.

Mariam’s line manager, Francis Nutter, explains: “Mariam has progressed so much in the short time that she has been with us and is a credit to the programme. She is reliable, efficient, quick to learn and listens carefully – all attributes we look for in our staff.

“Mariam has worked hard to develop new skills including managing small groups of children and running reading groups and has a professional manner that is much older than her years. Due to budget restrictions we weren’t sure if we would be in a position to employ Mariam, but we were so pleased with her performance, we just couldn’t let her go.”

Mariam is now working five days per week on a temporary contract and is taking on new responsibilities as time passes.

Mariam said: “I have always wanted to work with children since I did my two week work experience at a primary school. When I spoke to a friend about it they recommended a study programme, explaining what it was like and what I would get out of it. It seemed like a good idea because I could get even more work experience and the opportunity to do some qualifications.

“It’s great to be so much closer to my dream job of working as a teacher and I’d definitely recommend the carousel study programme to anyone who wants to have a go at a job they are interested in.”

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