Rachael – Business Admin

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Training 2000 business administration apprentice, Rachael, from Blackpool, is urging young people to consider Apprenticeships as a great way to gain experience and get on the career ladder.

Unsure of which route to take after leaving school, Rachael decided to begin a hairdressing Apprenticeship. Although she didn’t enjoy working in a salon she realised she liked the way Apprenticeships worked and the hands-on experience they provide.

Aged 18, Rachael started an Apprenticeship in business administration with Training 2000 following a friend’s recommendation. Now 21-years-old, Rachael is working at Unity College, Blackpool part of Blackpool Council.

Rachael has since passed this recommendation on to three of her friends, who have also successfully completed their qualifications, she said: “I recommended Apprenticeships to my other friends because, if you are prepared to work hard, they are a great way to get a qualification and work experience which are both important in the current financial climate.”

“I would say that if you are unsure of what to do, like I was, you should give an Apprenticeship a try.

“Everyone at Training 2000 has been great. They were really supportive when I was making my choices and provided me with a mentor who has helped me to prepare for interviews and secure suitable work placements.”

Rachael has worked within Blackpool Council since 16th May 2011 having previously completed qualifications in adult numeracy and customer services. In September 2011 she was hired on a fixed-term contract at Unity College, Blackpool as a business support administrator.

Speaking of Rachael’s progress, Karen Linney, people services manager at Unity College, Blackpool, said: “Rachael has proved herself to be a real asset to the team. She has settled into her current role very well and we have found her previous experience and qualifications to be especially helpful when she is working with people hoping to attend the college.”

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