Lesley Builds Business Career Though Apprenticeship

Female apprentice in blue polo shirt wears a graduation hat. Male tutor wears a blue and white checked shirt

After starting a business admin apprenticeship working at Baxter Life Training and studying at Training 2000, Lesley has gained vital skills which will help her career go from strength to strength.

After accepting the exciting opportunity, Lesley has learnt crucial skills and knowledge including working with a team, building confidence and learning about how a company such as Baxter Life works.

By starting an apprenticeship, Lesley has been able to balance getting the knowledge needed to boost her career growth whilst also achieving industry recognised qualifications.

Colleagues have commented that Lesley has really progressed during the Level 2 apprenticeship, is extremely observant and always willing to go above and beyond.

Lesley reiterated this whilst encouraging others to follow a similar path, saying:

“I would recommend apprenticeships to other young people because I think it is a fantastic opportunity to better yourself, but also gain knowledge and a qualification on the job.”

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