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Female automotive apprentice in white coveralls buffing a panel on a silver car

An apprentice from Chorley was so inspired by MTV show ‘Pimp My Ride’, she decided to pursue an Apprenticeship at a local car body repair firm.

Twenty-year-old Lauren is completing an Apprenticeship in refinishing at Central Bodyshop, Buckingham Street, and applied for a qualification with Training 2000 after meeting the motor vehicle team at a school open day.

“I used to have lots and lots of pets, including dogs, a horse, a hamster, a snake and a tarantula and always wanted to be a vet. I enjoyed looking after them so much I thought it might be too much working with animals as well, so I decided to look at other options,” Lauren said.

“Whenever I watched ‘Pimp My Ride’ it always looked so much fun. When I realised Training 2000 did that kind of qualification, I met with the motor vehicle team and found out what the job involved and thought ‘that’s the one for me’. So I applied and was successful.

“What I have liked about my Apprenticeship is that it’s so hands-on. It’s better than going to university because you can work and learn at the same time and there’s a secure job at the end of the course.

“I have learned a lot throughout my Apprenticeship and it has helped me to develop the discipline to finish jobs on time. I now know how to work safely, use the correct materials and follow the right preparation and spraying procedures.

Central Bodyshop has employed apprentices for almost 30 years and owner, Ray Jeszke, believes it to be very rewarding. “It’s great to see them come in at the start and then grow to be a competent worker,” Ray added.

“Lauren was very nervous in the beginning, but she has been doing great and has really got into her stride in the last few months. She’s not phased to be working in a predominantly male-dominated environment and we’re really pleased with her progression.”

Steve Hodgson, automotive refinish tutor at Training 2000, concluded: “Lauren has been a very dedicated student throughout her apprenticeship program, showing great enthusiasm and attention to detail. She has brought a great competitive spirit to the refinishing course and is testament that gender is not an issue to succeeding in any work environment.”

The Apprenticeship programme is co-funded with the European Union European Social Fund (ESF).

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