Jana Progresses with Business Apprenticeship

Female apprentice wearing a maroon shirt. She is holding her Training 2000 award

After knowing she did not want to take the College and University route following her GCSE’s, Jana decided that an apprenticeship was the way she wanted to kick-start her career – working at Green Vale Homes, part of the Together Housing group

Starting in 2013 on Level 2, Jana has since completed L2, L3 and is currently studying at Level 4 Business Management – developing skills such as managing a team, learning about the relevant legislation which effects the business and has recently started to learn about the Human Resources side of an organisation and how this operates.

As well as the practical experience you get from an apprenticeship, Jana has also developed her academic writing skills, getting the best of both worlds by going down the apprenticeship route.

Jana said: “I was sure that college was not for me and wanted to go straight into work.”

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school, so chose a varied subject which interested me, which would benefit me when I did decide.”

Jana also sang the praises of apprenticeships – and would recommend them to anyone who was set to leave school and did not want to stay solely on the academic route.

She added: “Apprenticeships give you a great opportunity to gain experience within the workplace and earn a wage whilst you learn new skills – and unlike university you can stay debt free.”

Line manager Paul Bayes said: “It has been fantastic to see how Jana has developed her skills during her time with us. She has been able to bring her learning into the workplace and make a real impact within the business.”

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