Dental Nursing FAQs

Q – Do I get a uniform?

A – Your workplace will provide you with a uniform


Q – How many days would I work / attend Training 2000?

A – Four days in the workplace and one day per week at Training 2000


Q – Do I need a laptop?

A – Yes you would need a laptop or computer as your portfolio is electronic


Q – Do I need vaccination?

A – You will need to have a hep B vaccination and TB if you haven’t already had it


Q – Am I observed at work?

A – Yes you will be observed for a variety of procedures. This will be agreed with you prior to any observations happening.


Q – Do you find me a job?

A – If we have any vacancies we will put your name forward for an interview


Q – I’m over 24 can I still do an Apprenticeship?

A – Yes there is no upper age limit on doing an Apprenticeship


Q – What progression opportunities are there?

A – There are so many different routes you could take including: Dental Therapist, Oral Health Educator, join the Armed Forces or Dentist. As we are part of the University of Central Lancashire, you can easily progress to one of their Degrees.


Q – Do you pay my travel?

A – Unfortunately you will be required to fund your own travel costs


Q – How much will I get paid?

A – You will be paid the Apprenticeship national minimum wage, although some workplaces may pay you more.


Q – What holidays would I get?

A – This would depend on your workplace, but a minimum of 28 days if working full time, this may include your bank holidays.


Q – What hours would I work?

A – This depends on your workplace but no more than 40 hours per week


Q – Will I have a mentor?

A – Yes you will be allocated a mentor in your workplace


Q – What does a dental nurse do?

A – Dental nurses assist the dentist to ensure the surgery runs smoothly, you will decontaminate instrument and areas to ensure there is no infection risk and you may also work on reception.


Q – What qualification will I come out with?

A – You will achieve a Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing.


Q – What GCSE’s do I need?

A – English and maths GCSE grade 4 or above or a Level 2 functional skill or equivalent.


Q – Can I still apply If I don’t achieve grade 4 at GCSE?

A – You can apply and we may accept you on the programme if we feel you could achieve a Level 2 Functional Skill whilst completing your Apprenticeship.


Q – Can you finish the course before the 18 months?

A – The minimum amount of time to complete the diploma qualification is 15 months then you have 3 months to complete your End Point Assessment.


Q – Do I have to sit exams?

A – Yes, you have four exams to sit during your Apprenticeship and then an End Point Assessment which assess the knowledge, skills and behaviours that you have learnt throughout the Apprenticeship


Q – How do I apply?

A – Visit our website and fill out our application form. Our recruitment team will get in touch with you to arrange an informal chat and talk to you about our apprenticeship vacancies. They will then put you forward for interviews.

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