Craig – Military Preparation Programme

Craig attended the Military Preparation Programme as he was struggling with his application to join for the job of his dreams, to join the Royal Air Force.

Craig was low on the main aspects that were needed to make his application successful – fitness, discipline, teamwork and confidence.

On his own admission Craig was going nowhere and his desire and motivation was lacking.  He found himself with very little motivation to enable him to enlist into the Royal Air Force.

Craig was soon identified to be very immature and really needed to realise that the Armed Forces was a serious job choice. He soon came to the conclusion that the Military Preparation Programme was the first step on the ladder to gain employment into the Royal Air Force.

He became fitter and stronger which led him to be more confident in his abilities and become a natural leader.  Craig was invited to attend the RAF selection and passed with a few problems. He remains in the RAF to this day.

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