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Bespoke training, HR and development solutions

Our Business Services team bring a wealth of expertise to support you and your business needs. We don’t offer a one size fits all solution, all of our services are tailored and bespoke to your needs. As training partners, we will work with you through a needs analysis and demand planning to build a curriculum of bespoke services, programmes, procedures and projects addressing the real challenges you and your business face. Our work doesn’t end there, we will provide an analysis of your needs, support in the implementation, design and delivery of these services to ensure our partnership provides quantifiable results.


We specialise in the individual design of bespoke training, HR and development solutions and many of our customers use a variety of the following core services:

Organisational Design and Structure Support

We offer organisations a fresh pair of eyes approach to bring a new perspective to your organisational design, structure and the gaps you may have in your organisation in regards to skill and competence. We will generate new ideas and designs based on your future business needs and scope out a structured approach to ensuring that you have the right skills and capabilities at the right time for your business.

Managed Learning Services

We are experienced in managing training projects, Apprenticeship contracts and programmes, training departments and outsourced training suppliers. We have a dedicated team that you can outsource your requirements to whether it is just short term training delivery or a full service management need.

Sub- Contractor/ Partner Management

When working on development within multi discipline or complex environments the sheer number of suppliers and partners can become a full time task. Our established team can provide much needed support in the management of these suppliers- ensuring you get the best value at the highest quality, eliminating wastage and non-value added services.

Capability and Talent Framework

We design and implement competency frameworks to support the skills and capabilities you need in your business.  The competency framework defines how you want people in your business to work. It follows your main levels of needs such as induction, quality, health & safety, technical skills per job role and leadership. The capability and talent framework aligns all of the areas to three high level behaviours that will support your business to achieve robust succession planning and leadership pipelines. The competency framework is uniquely designed specifically around your business needs and for each competency evidence is required to be shown against each measure. These indicators of are designed to be comprehensive and provide a level playing field against what capabilities and standards are expected from individuals in your business.


When you have the pressure of day to day activities it is often difficult to step back and look at the strategic vision and cultural needs to ensure it is future-proof. Our highly experienced team will work with your senior management team to facilitate and provide structure around your ideas and plans to provide a comprehensive strategy which your business can follow. We can also produce high quality documents that fit around your strategic framework in order to communicate your plans in a compelling and informative way.





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