Business Apprenticeship: A Day in the Life of a…Business Administrator Apprentice

January 28, 2015

Male business apprentice in white shirt and black jumper. He is sat at his computer on the phone

Hi, my name is Yannis and I am currently on a Business Apprenticeship.

I am just your average teenager. I enjoy being active and also spending time with my friends when not in work. Before I started this programme, I was very sports orientated and didn’t really have a career path in mind.

One of the main reasons I chose this Apprenticeship is because I was helped by the staff at Training 2000 who guided me towards the right direction. Also my family, especially my mother, provided me with huge amounts of support that helped me to focus and pursue the job.

I started my journey on a Traineeship, which was very interesting. After completing this successfully I then worked towards getting on the Apprenticeship, and succeeded.

My day often goes like this…

Once sat at my desk all prepped and ready to go, I will firstly check my notepad for my To Do list of what I may need to do or things I could have missed the day before. This helps me to keep organised in this busy but exciting job!

After checking the list, I will then prioritise my jobs so that I know what needs doing urgently. As I work for a skills company, I am in charge of claiming certificates for students that I have recently completed a qualification. I manage this on my own and this gives me a sense of responsibility. I generally need to use Microsoft Excel and Word for this, as well as having a great telephone manner.

After this is complete, I will move onto class management which is where I add the attendance of students in each of the classes running here. These registers need updating on a weekly basis and I transfer the paper copy of the register onto the online system. Learners often need 100% for bursaries and things so it is very important that it is done correctly.

I usually have lunch with the rest of the department at 1pm. I love feeling part of the team and never feel excluded because I’m an apprentice.

Checking certificates is a big part of my job also because it keeps track of what’s coming in and going out within the company and this helps to keep track of a learner’s progress. This involves working with the examining bodies, using a scanner, typing skills and management of an online system.

The part I enjoy most about my job is having some freedom and a great team around me that encourage and support what I do to help me better myself. I feel that my manager has been a huge help and teaches me about business admin and what it takes to succeed further down the line. Business Apprenticeships are usually really varied, I can even be invigilating exams one day, then attending events the next.

I’m not sure yet exactly what I want in the future, but I currently work closely with Career Development Advisors’ and I really like the sound of the job they do.
Overall, doing a Business Apprenticeship is brilliant and I have had an excellent time so far. I leave the office at the end of every day knowing that I’ve achieved something and am even closer to finding my dream job.

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