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Bob Eastwood Celebrates ‘National Apprenticeship Week 2015’ at Training 2000

March 17, 2015

The Conservative Party candidate for Blackburn, Bob Eastwood, met apprentices at Training 2000 earlier this week, to celebrate ‘National Apprenticeship Week 2015’.

During his visit, our CEO, Steve Gray, showed Mr Eastwood around several areas of the organisation including dental nursing, automotive, construction and engineering, and the parliamentary hopeful chatted to the young people and some not so young, about their ambitions and aspirations.

Mr Eastwood said: “I was delighted to be invited back to Training 2000 during this special week.  I am certainly impressed with what I saw and with the people I met.

“Education is critically important and along with academic qualifications, schools must prepare young people who wish to go into the workplace instead of college or university.”

Project Control (engineering) apprentices, Natasha and Morgan said: “Training 2000 has given us an excellent opportunity to earn while we learn [and] we wanted to make sure we grasped the practical side of project management as well as the theory.

“We are both employed by giants in the world of industry and at the end of our apprenticeship we will have the ability and confidenceto pursue our careers in our chosen field.”

Chief executive officer, Steve Gray said: “I was delighted that someone as passionate about education and training as Bob Eastwood joined us as we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week.

“Training 2000 welcomes local MP’s and candidates from all parties who ask for a visit to meet apprentices. Mr Eastwood’s visit provided our learners with the opportunity to ask for his views on how he could improve things in their area. It is a great opportunity for apprentices and politicians to meet and exchange views and as always these visits are well received by the learners.”

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