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Apprentice Toolmaker (Transfer presses)

  • Company: SACO - Specialist Anodising Co Ltd
  • Location: Burnley
  • Vacancy Ref: 001UC
  • Weekly wage: £172.00
  • Hours per week: 40
  • Sector: Engineering

This vacancy is for an Apprentice Toolmaker (Transfer Presses) based in Burnley.
The successful applicant will have the opportunity to undertake valuable work experience whilst gaining on the job qualifications.

Main purpose of the job:
  • Manufacturing tooling
  • Develop tooling
  • Refurbish tooling
  • Setting of transfer presses
  • Reporting to Tool room Manager.
What the job entails:
  • First Year – Block release, off the job training at selected Training Provider. Plus, basic fitting, drilling, milling, turning, hardening & tempering skills at company. (NVQ level 2. Attendance at Training Provider 1 day per week for first 24 months of apprenticeship. ONC (Ordinary National Certificate/B–TEC Level 3).
  • Second Year – On completion of first year block release, training to continue at SACO under supervision of the Tool room Manager, consisting of developing skills learned in the first year and learning additional skills such as surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, use of polishing heads.
  • HNC (Higher National Certificate/B–TEC Level 4) – This is an additional 2–year course following completion of the ONC. This is not compulsory, and the apprentice will only be allowed to do this at management’s discretion, based on their performance.
  • Third Year – Additional training given in the above areas, plus additional skills, such as SED size/draw punches, ribbing, die radding and polishing. By the end of this year apprentices should be able to manufacture complete sets of tools and may also start working in the press shop.
  • Fourth Year – Press work will increase so that the apprentice can competently set, full sets of tools in all presses and this will become a main feature of their work and they will also learn how to develop tooling. All machining skills will continue and by the end of year 4 and apprentices should be competent in all areas. (NVQ level 3)
  • Perform general duties or any reasonable request as required.
  • 1 Month before the end of year 4 the Company will decide as to whether to offer or decline you a full–time position.

Training to be provided

  • Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Foundation Competence).
  • Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Competence) – Toolmaker, Tool & Die Maintenence.
  • Level 3 Diploma or extended Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Knowledge).
  • Functional skills in English, Maths and ICT (if not already achieved).
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