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Apprentice Mechanical Maintenance Fitter

  • Company: SACO - Specialist Anodising Co Ltd
  • Location: Burnley
  • Vacancy Ref: 00000053
  • Weekly wage: £217.50
  • Hours per week: 37.5
  • Sector: Engineering

This vacancy is for an Apprentice Mechanical Maintenance Fitter based in Burnley.
The successful applicant will plan and organise maintenance of equipment, identify faults, investigate production problems and repair equipment quickly and efficiently.

Main purpose of the job:
  • Repairing, maintaining, or replacing anything mechanical within or around the SACO buildings.

Reporting to Mechanical Maintenance Manager.

Key Tasks:
  • First Year – Block release, off the job training at selected Training Provider. Plus, basic machining operations such as drilling, linishing, hacksawing, marking out, deburring etc. at company. (NVQ level 2).
  • Attendance at Training Provider 1 day per week for the first 24 months of apprenticeship. ONC (Ordinary National Certificate/B–TEC Level 3)
  • Second Year – On Completion of first year block release, training to continue at SACO under supervision of the Mechanical Maintenance Manager, consisting of developing skills learned in the first year and learning additional skills such as machine isolation, fabrication, pipe fitting, stripping & rebuilding machinery.
  • HNC (Higher National Certificate/B–TEC Level 4) – This is an additional 2–year course following completion of the ONC. Enrolment onto an HNC course is not compulsory and will be considered only at Management discretion based on performance throughout the first 24 months.
  • Third Year – Additional training given in the above areas, plus additional skills, such as press or plant repairs/breakdowns, including full rebuilds, major fabrications and clutch inspections.
  • Fourth Year – Training will continue with exposure to all factory equipment, working more independently, gaining more experience, and becoming competent in all areas. (NVQ level 3).
Carries out other duties as and when required to include:
  • Perform general duties or any reasonable request as required.

1 Month before the end of year 4 the Company will decide as to whether to offer or decline you a full–time position.

Training to be provided

L2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing (Foundation Competence)
L3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Competencies) Mechatronics Maintenance Technician.
L3 Diploma or Extended Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Knowledge)

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