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Apprentice Business Administrator

  • Company: Pendleside Medical Practice
  • Location: Clitheroe
  • Vacancy Ref: 00288
  • Weekly wage: £230.62
  • Hours per week: 37.5
  • Sector: Business

This vacancy is for an Apprentice Business Administrator based in Clitheroe.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to undertake valuable work experience whilst gaining on the job qualifications.

The post holder is responsible for providing administrative support to the partners and clinical staff within the practice.

The role also includes providing clerical assistance to visiting health professionals and administrative support to the Practice Manager. The role requires a high level of skill, IT knowledge, to prioritise workload, make decisions and to meet deadlines.

The post holder is responsible for liaising with patients, assessing their needs and using professional judgment accordingly.

The role also entails liaising with NHS Trusts and other service providers and organisations on behalf of the clinical staff and patients.

Main duties
  • Opening, distribution and coding of Post
  • Preparation and upkeep of special clinics, registers and recall system
  • Making up and summarising of medical records
  • Office Procedures
  • Dealing with Patients
  • Maintenance of Shared Information
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Reception
  • Operation of Telephone System
  • Secretarial Work
  • Making appointments/signposting to services
  • Opening, distribution, scanning and coding of post
  • Open correspondence, distribute as necessary using discretion and judgement as to the most relevant recipient.
  • Record clinical correspondence by Read Code entry into the patient’s electronic record.
  • Scan the patient related post into their electronic record.
  • To process electronic documents from the hospital
  • To sort and distribute correspondence for postage at the end of each day
  • To ensure that any out–sized/special registered/recorded post is taken to the post office
Preparation and upkeep of special clinics, registers and recall system
  • To validate chronic disease registers by interrogation of the computer database.
  • To run regular searches to recall patients by relevant means who require reviews.
  • To help maintain and run the administration work for baby clinics.
  • To become familiar with the cervical screening process and process the notifications from PCSE via open Exeter
Making up and summarising of medical records
  • To transfer Lloyd George records of new patients into A4 format in a sequential order for summarising.
  • Understanding the process of records that come into the practice via GP2GP.
  • To ensure that medical notes for new patients are summarised in accordance with the practice guidelines and all diagnosis, investigations and procedures are entered correctly onto the computer records.
  • Knowledge of template completion is vital to correct coding.
Office Procedures
  • To help create protocols for office tasks and to ensure these are kept up–to–date if changes occur.
  • To help maintain the storage and recall of patients notes at Iron Mountain
  • To deal with the incoming and outgoing patients records from PCSE.
  • To assess and advise whether a home visit is necessary and seek urgent advice should a patient request this.
  • To help maintain the practice website and Facebook page to keep them up up–to–date
  • Process requests for copies of patient records.
  • Process insurance reports, invoice as necessary and ensure they are completed and returned within a specified period.
  • To have an understanding of the service specifications that the practice has to work to.
  • To cover general enquires desk as required.
  • To process the various documents that requires administrative input in a timely manner.
  • To liaise with NHS Trust and other service providers on behalf of the patients and GP’s.
  • Record details of patient’s births, deaths and newly registered patients.
  • To carry out monthly searches for enhanced services referral statistics and smoking status.
  • To carry out referral searches and recall.
  • Process and read code the patient related post that comes into the practice daily.
Dealing with Patients
  • To assess patients need and use professional judgement accordingly.
  • To be the first contact for patients with queries and other needs and deal with them in a professional and efficient way.
Maintenance of Shared Information
  • Scan and index information onto the shared folder (intranet & GP Team Net) for both partners and staff to access.
Computer Maintenance
  • To assist in the routine maintenance on both hardware and software
  • Attend faults and where necessary assist in the correction of the problem, if unable to correct to contact the relevant support team to help resolve the problem.
  • Liaise with maintenance engineers and software support where necessary.
  • To assist in the maintenance of the patient calling system (Jayex board) and Touch Screen
  • To monitor up–dates from the computer supplier and implement any changes necessary.
  • To ensure reception is operational from 8:00 am Monday, Tuesday and Friday and 7:15 am Wednesday and Thursday
  • To ensure the transfer the telephones from answering message at 8am every morning.
  • Utilise computer system to ensure efficiency of appointment system and monitor flow of patients into consulting and treatment rooms
  • To receive patients at the reception desk and deal with their requests sensitively and with respect and diplomacy
  • To act on patient requests with respect, sympathy and confidentiality
  • To act in accordance with confidentiality and data protection protocols
  • To make appointments and arrange follow–up appointments over the telephone and face to face.
  • To deal with angry or upset patients and be able to cope with any unpredictable situations that may arise
  • To monitor the appointment availability and advise the senior receptionist or practice manager should the standard routine appointments become limited
  • To liaise with the Treatment Room regarding appointments for minor surgery and to understand the requirements of non–standard appointments
  • Ensure that patients without appointments but who need “urgent consultation” are seen in a logical and non–disruptive manner
  • To assess and advise whether a home visit is necessary and seek urgent advice should a patient request this
  • Explain practice arrangements and formal requirements to new patients and those seeking temporary cover, ensure procedures are completed including making up of notes
  • To receive requests for certificates, letters and insurance form completion, ensure these are actioned and securely stored until they are collected
  • Advise patients of relevant charges for private services, accept payment and issue receipts for same, and enter all transactions in petty cash book
  • Respond to all queries and requests for assistance from patients and other visitors
  • To ensure that requests for acute prescriptions are actioned where possible within two working day
  • Ensure reception and waiting areas are kept neat and tidy
  • Check computerised tasks/e–mail regularly on computer and action as appropriate
  • To ensure all the correct investigation forms are prepared for each surgery/clinic diabetic bloods, smear and blood forms
  • To print off from the computer or supply any patient leaflets for medical conditions
  • To ensure all confidential material is kept out of public view and is safely locked away each evening
  • To report any computer failure and produce paper documentation as needed.
  • To check the telephone has successfully transferred to the answering message at 6–30 pm.
  • To support the midwives by booking patients antenatal booking appointment
  • The distribution and collection of patient surveys
  • To deal with any patient complaints in compliance with the practice complaints procedure
  • To be able to operate the photocopier and scanner
  • To record daily post ensuring it has been franked and that the post is taken to the post box/office.
  • To ensure that protocols and procedures are written for all reception tasks
  • To be responsible for emergencies between 5–30 pm and 6–30 pm when on late duty
Operation of the telephone system
  • Receive and make calls as required, divert call and take messages as appropriate.
  • Record patient contact with the use of the clinical systems where appropriate.
Secretarial Work
  • To provide a personal secretarial and administrative support service to the partners and clinical staff of the practice
  • To process referral correspondence by transcribing from audio, shorthand or copy typing and record in the patients electronic record.
  • The speed and accuracy of typing and data input are essential to the job.
  • To forward correspondence to its destination by the most appropriate means, be it internal or external post, email or by other means
  • To follow–up referral letters and expedite as necessary
  • To deal with any other associated correspondence for the Practice, GP partners and Clinical Staff.
  • To deal with hospital correspondence appropriately, liaising with both NHS and Private service providers
  • To act as a first point of contact for clinical or organisational communication with secondary care, NHS Trusts and other associated organisations.
  • Co–ordinating appointments for NHS and private referral requests.
  • To act upon urgent referral requests and follow up referrals made from the Practice on behalf of the GP’s.
  • To produce display material using specialist IT software.
  • To up–date GP diary commitments. Co–ordinate appointments
  • To record minutes of Practice meetings and ensure this information is appropriately distributed.
  • Process out of hours contacts and communicate and organise any follow–up actions.


  • Practice Manager
  • GP’s and Clinical Staff
  • Dispensary
  • Clitheroe Hospital
  • Physiotherapy Centre
  • District Nurses, Health Visitors, Midwifes, School Nurses and Treatment Room
  • CMG Staff
  • CCG Staff
  • Podiatry
  • Patients/ Relations
  • Hospital Trusts
  • Carers
  • CCG
  • PCSU
  • Other GP Surgeries
  • Charity Organisations
  • Ribble Valley and Lancashire County Council
  • Insurance Companies
  • Funeral Directors
  • Liaise with all the above areas to ensure continuity of patient care and the competent exchange of information. This may be through a variety of communication methods including verbal (face–to–face or telephone) written or electronic (fax, e–mail, practice and patient notes).
  • Communicate both with internal and external contacts in a confidential environment with the requirement to use one’s own initiative, persuasive skills and tack at all times in a professional manner.
  • To ensure the smooth hand over of work, messages and correspondence at the end of each shift
  • To respond immediately and direct patients to the most appropriate healthcare professional
  • Mandatory Training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Data Security Awareness
  • Equality and Diversity and Human Rights
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Health, Safety and Welfare
  • Moving and Handling
  • Preventing Radicalisation
  • Resuscitation
  • Safeguarding
  • Fire Safety
  • Confidentiality & Data Protection
Personal Development
  • To have an annual personal development plan which comes from an annual appraisal this is also linked to the Practice development plan.
  • To be responsible for personal workload
  • To receive patient feedback and complaints
  • To ensure that the workplace is a clean tidy and safe environment
  • To ensure that confidentiality is maintained
  • To ensure any confidential material is locked away each evening.
  • Responsible for both daily and long term work plans.
  • Disseminating information both internally and externally
  • Creating and updating of reception protocols.
  • Comply with regulations:
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Data Protection Act
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment Handbook.
  • Responsible for following the procedures and protocols as set down by the practice.
  • An understanding, acceptance and adherence to the need for strict confidentiality.
  • To have the ability to use own judgement, resourcefulness, common sense and local knowledge, to respond to patients’ enquiries and requests
  • To possess excellent communication skills
  • To be able to understand and adhere to work priorities
  • To be able to work as part of team whilst being responsible for own work responsibilities
  • To always be courteous and polite whilst working in a pressurised environment
  • To always consider own professional development whilst considering the needs of the practice development plan.
  • To act immediately following any complaints made by patients, colleagues or members of the public according to practice protocol.

Training to be provided

  • BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration, QCF
  • (Functional Skills, Level 2 – Maths, English – if not already achieved)
  • Employer Rights and Responsibilities
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
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