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Engineering construction erector rigger

Level: 3
Duration: Up to 3 years

The Engineering construction erector role encompasses the installation and dismantling of the capital plant steel infrastructure which makes up engineering and construction projects, these operations are by nature complex and non-repetitive. The construction is achieved through the use of static and mobile moving and lifting equipment and accessories and as the assembly of the structure progresses, can involve the use of additional specialist access equipment. Erectors will use powered as well as non-powered hand tools to assemble the structure, this can also require the fixing of metal decking, safety netting and edge rails to facilitate safe working.

The Engineering construction rigger role encompasses the lifting, moving and positioning of loads during engineering construction projects. It involves, but is not limited to the detailed planning and control of all the elements required to successfully and safely execute and complete the lifting, moving and positioning operation. Riggers are responsible for safely moving loads using static and mobile moving and lifting equipment and accessories. The moving and lifting equipment is diverse and can include specialist equipment such as skids and rollers as well as numerous types of winches, hoists and cranes of various sizes and design.

Entry requirements:

A minimum of four GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above including English, Maths, Science and Technology is desirable.
Other equivalent qualifications are acceptable.

Where will I study:


Job example

Engineering construction rigger and Engineering construction erector

Date last updated:06 September 2021

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